Happy 4th


16 Responses to “Happy 4th”

  1. CUTE!!!

  2. Happy 4th to you too!!!

  3. Thanks

  4. Happy 4th July! :o)

  5. worldphotos Says:

    Happy 5th, I’m a day late.

  6. I’m back. Quite the job arranging all those goodies and using stop motion photography to make tasty explosions. They did an admirable job, very symmetric, I love all things symmetric.

    • I could not think of the name of that – stop motion. I thought it was great. PES has some more good stuff on YouTube too. I watched most of them.

  7. Hey! Hi! *waves* You ok?

  8. Oooh I’m 8 hours ahead of you! Who knew! Well everyone except me I suspect…

    • No I didn’t. I don’t keep track of dates, times, or locations. I live in the moment as they say in California. I doing it before it was such a religion, just because I had no sense.

  9. I get caught up in time. USA being behind, China being ahead. I can waste hours working out what people in far-flung places are doing. I can sit there and think, I’m ready to start my day and people in Canada are going to bed. Or if I’m just finishing work I think of all the Chinese people tucked up in bed. (My mind is a trip!)

  10. LOL Daffy. All I can remember is I don’t call my brother after 5pm my time. He’s in bed.

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