The kids down the street set up a lemonade stand on Friday. They were selling lemonade and grape juice for 25¢ a cup out of a plywood lemonade stand that had formerly been their clubhouse. The side is painted with these words “DANER – GET OUT,” no doubt, leftover from the clubhouse days when someone forgot the “g” in “danger.”

The kids hand delivered the first two cups to my front door, and after all was said and done, I had given them $2.50, that would be 8 cups of juice with a 50¢ tip. At one point, a car stopped to buy a couple of cups of juice for their kids in the backseat. The kids running the stand got one cup poured, but then poured the second cup and drank it themselves. When their father, who was standing there with them, pointed out the “customers” still needed another cup, the kids poured another cup and drank that one too. Finally, the customers got two cups and the customer mother looked at me knowingly. I shrugged. These aren’t my kids. I had no idea they were going to down juice themselves that they had sold to other people.

At the end of the day, when Hubby and I were walking the dogs, the lemonade stand was closed and pulled up the driveway. The oldest kid saw us out his front window and ran to his door. He opened it and yelled, “Guess how much money we made?” I didn’t get a chance to guess. “$21,” he said and banged the door shut.

Hubby and I were impressed. That’s a lot of money for the kids. They did a good job. As we were talking about it, the Little Dog stopped to eat some dirt. She’s always eating dirt.

“Come on, Daner,” Hubby said, and the name stuck – Daner without the “g,” thirteen pounds of solid dirt eating little dog fury.


7 Responses to “D-A-N-E-R”

  1. Loved the story.

  2. Now you’ve done it, added another weird word to my vocabulary! Furfoom = perfume; Unjums = onions; Sepie = Pepsi; Nyet-nyet = nickel; and now Daner! Kids just keep adding totally usable words to my vocabulary, and I can’t stop myself from using them.

    • I know what you mean. I still used namoo for banana and napkum for napkin. I think kid words are sometimes better than adult words. Or maybe I just said them for so many years, I can’t stop.

  3. The kids in your neighborhood are hilarious. That’s why I love to shoot kids. Only little kids would have the gumption to drink sold lemonade in front of the person they sold it to. You know, perhaps DANER is like RESTAURATEUR. It’s the original spelling before we mucked it all up with the “g”. 🙂 I feel like Andy Griffith because I said, “Gumption.”

    • I agree these kids are hilarious. I have known then since their parents brought them home from the hospital. Some days I am shocked at how old they are now as if I expected them to stay little.

    • I feel like Barney Fife.

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