The Big Guy can cook. I can’t. These Cornish game hens were roasted on the barbie, and they were delicious. The innards were stuffed with gooseberries. The Big Guy makes a helluva wife. He sews nicely too, which is something else I don’t do. I staple. My advice on that score is don’t staple your socks. There will be blood if you do ←voice of experience.


12 Responses to “Yummy”

  1. That’s looking sooo delicious. I can almost smell it.

  2. The barbecues hens were better than anything I can order in a restaurant. He made 3 meals out of them. He also cooked some wild rice in wine. Though I am not a fan of the wild rice, that dish was extraordinary. Lately, he has been making some sort of salad dressing with the lemon peel from lemons off our tree. I hate to keep bragging but….

  3. Brag on girlfriend!!! Sounds like you have a chef in your house! The hens look delicious! When ever we get out your direction.. we’ll be more than glad to come over for dinner 😉

    • The Hubby will fix something delicious when you come for dinner. I promise.

      Hey, did you know BA is having a reunion in October? Lulu sent me an email. My brother is going to bite her head off when he gets a chance.

      • I did get an info card from BA..and Lulu. I just tore it up. I don’t know what they don’t understand about please do not continue sending me their junk???

      • They can’t understand because nothing is penetrating their noggins. Bless their hearts.

  4. Thank your lucky stars, mine couldn’t burn his ass in a barn fire!

  5. Okay, I’ve got to ask… what did the Big Guy put on the hen’s breast to keep it moist, it looks like that thin sliced Italian ham/bacon stuff I can‘t spell, and since I can‘t spell it I can‘t spell check it either, but you know what I’m talking about pro-shoe-toe or something like that.

    • Daaaamn, you’re observant, AZ. You’re right. It’s prosciutto, but I like your pro-shoe-toe spelling better.

  6. Damn! I would never gotten “prosciutto!” I tried to sound it out so that spell check would give me the correct spelling, but I never did figure it out. I kept waiting for someone to ask what it was, but nobody ever did, I wanted someone else to try to spell pro-shoe-toe before I made an ass of myself. Us Japanese Mexicans don’t eat prosciutto, so we don’t know how to spell it!

    • You are the only one that noticed the prosciutto. Hubby wanted me to put it in the original post but I couldn’t spell it either so I blew him off. ha ha… I only eat it because Hubby eats it. I’m the copycat.

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