I have a widget on my MAC called WeatherBug. I simply press the widget button and this small display pops up, giving me the current temperature, the predicted day’s high temperature, and a mini 3-day forecast. I love the WeatherBug. I don’t know why. It’s always wrong. I mean, look at it.
Tonight, it’s forgotten that Tuesday comes between Monday and Wednesday. At 10:45pm, it thinks the temperature is 80 degrees. It’s not. It’s 66 degrees. It thinks the high for today was 81. It wasn’t. It was 93.

And tomorrow morning, do you know what I’ll do after I get up? First, I’ll fix a cup of tea, and then I’ll sit down at my computer and press the widget button to check my friendly and grossly inaccurate WeatherBug. I’ll be all happy about it too. I’ll think today is the day WeatherBug is spot on.


4 Responses to “WeatherBuggy”

  1. It’s a good thing that weather buggy isn’t handling you bank account. If it gave you too much that would be okay, but it would probably do the opposite.

  2. The weather thing is produced my Merritt Community College, I’d be yankin’ my kid out of that college if I were a parent.

    • I wish it was produced by Merritt College. I would go over there and complain. I have it set on that zip code because that is where I live. The software inserted the name “Merritt College” on the widget. It is made by some company I never heard of in Maryland.

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