Oakland Parking

As if we don’t have enough problems. There’s this now. Now, a quarter only buys 8 minutes on Oakland’s parking meters. AND we really don’t have use of the parking meters any more. We have these little boxes we pay at, then run the receipt back to our car’s dash. By the time we do all that, we’ve used up a quarter. No more free parking after 6pm either. The free time is after 8pm.

I particularly like this new penalty fee – $330 for parking within 3 feet of a sidewalk access ramp. That’s going to nail a few people. There’s not even red painted on the curb there. And the lame useless parking meters that are still up, say free parking time starts after 6. Traps everywhere, sponsored by our local government. If our local government was in grammar school and it was 40 years ago, the teacher would paddle its behind until its pants pockets fell off.

I know we’re $51 million behind in revenue, but whose fault is that? Ours? Take it out on us? The peons parking their cars after 6pm near the taqueria. You know what I say? I say, “Go to hell, Oakland.” If it’s not the criminals robbing us at gunpoint, it’s the f’in politicians.


11 Responses to “Oakland Parking”

  1. “If it’s not the criminals robbing us at gunpoint, it’s the f’in politicians”.
    Driver, it has always been that way.

  2. Let ’em have it girlfriend!

  3. I plan to. Mess with what little money I have. I’ll bite the no good idiots.

  4. The best Arizona could come up with was: “Starting January 1, 2009, police can stop you if ‘Arizona’ isn’t clearly visible at the top of the license plate. Violators will be fined $135, plus court fees, depending on the city where the violation is discovered.” So off with your license plate frames, and now I’m sure China is gearing up their new license frame factories, to meet the new criteria in Arizona. More jobs for China and less money in our pockets!

    • Somehow I found this really funny and typical of Arizona. I have never been homesick for Tennessee, but I am occasionally homesick for Arizona. I don’t miss the heat though. That damn near broke me.

  5. Hey Steve I can’t seem to leave a comment on your blog, no comment box appears, just a huge void of white space. Did the rain knock out your compooter?

    Thanks for the message delivery service Driver!

  6. We got nailed in Palo Alto, by one of their “lime zones.” You can park in them once in a day, and if you park in another lime zone anywhere else, they ticket your ass. It must all be computerized — that’s how they know if your car has been in some other lime zone.

    Trouble is, the signs are printed in very pale green against a white background. Nearly impossible to read.

  7. Whaaaat? That is so crazy. I did not know that was a law. This whole parking thing is so lame. Be glad you are going to B-Field.

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