Muni on Down

There are reasons I can’t lose any weight One of them is called a pulled pork sandwich, which I ate at the Ferry Building yesterday along with some homemade potato chips. Then, Hubby and I walked from the Ferry Building to Pier 39 and ate crab and calamari. The promenade was overrun with people, and Muni’s F line was backed up beyond belief. I counted five F Munis in a row going in the opposite direction, but none in our direction. That is some sort of record. Come to find out there had been a big Muni smash up at West Portal. It was probably the worst accident in Muni history. Of course, Hubby and I had no idea since we were across town cursing the F line for failing to pick us up. In fact, we had just sashayed through the craft fair in front of the Ferry Building and bought a T shirt with a silk screened Muni on it. I guess it’ll be a few days before I wear that around.

Anyway, we walked to Pier 39, ate some seafood and decided to catch an F for the ride back because my dogs were barking. Boarding the F is never a treat because of the tourists. I try to remind myself they bring money, and they are spending it here, but when they get on the F and ask how much is the fare when the sign is right in front of them, I want to kick them in the back with my clog. The driver told them $2, and they whipped out a $20. He told them Muni does not make change, and they had to off board and run down the street looking for someone to give them $2 quick like before the F left without them. Then, the guy in front of me with correct change couldn’t get the fare machine to ingest his bills, so the driver let everyone on for free. I kind of felt sorry for the bunch that took off down the street begging people to change their $20, but kind of not because they were tourists, and I kind of wanted to kick them in the back.

Finally, we were off and rumbling down the rails only like an F can. They are the antique line so they make an inordinate amount of creaking and groaning. We hadn’t gone 2 stops when our driver announced over the loud speaker, “Only 15 more.” I’ve never heard a driver say anything like that. I have however been passed up while waiting at a stop.

In the meantime, Hubby leaned over to me and said, “I’m going to give this pregnant woman my seat” which is all fine and good except the woman wasn’t pregnant. I gave Hubby the hairy eyeball, pleading with the Gods that he not say anything else, particularly something along the lines of, “When’s the baby due?” Soon, the woman was sitting by me, and Hubby was standing, proud that he had helped a future generation of shopping bags because that truly was all she was carrying.

And then the driver did what Muni drivers are known best for doing. He refused to pick up any more riders. He would pull up slowly to a stop, and I could see all the cheery expectant faces, waiting to board, change into bewilderment as we sped off. I wanted to scream, “psych” out the window but that would mean standing, and there was no room for that sort of foolery. We rode non-stop back to the Ferry Building with the driver merrily babbling some garbage into the loud speaker. I had to ask the pseudo pregnant woman what the driver was saying. She told me he said to protect all your valuables.


7 Responses to “Muni on Down”

  1. worldphotos Says:

    Hey, that was a good trip. Thanks for taking me along for the ride. I landed at SF International in 2004. I took a bus to the nearest Bart Stop. (They hadn’t finished the route to the airport at that time) When I got on the bus, I stuck out my hand with a bill in it and the driver said, “Exact change”. I’d been flying 12 hours from Germany and my brain wasn’t working on all cylinders, but I wasn’t about to tell him to keep the change (I think it was a ten, and the fair was $1.20). There was a guy sitting by the front and he gave me twenty cents, which I added to a dollar bill, and put it into the money thing. The driver looked disappointed. I gave the guy fifty cents Euro and thanked him.

  2. Lesson learned. See there, you were one of the people getting on the Muni after a 12 hour flight with only a buck. I will think differently when people don’t have correct change now. (If I can remember) Some people think the Muni drivers should make change, but I don’t see how they can.

    I didn’t know you could go directly from Germany to SFO in 12 hours. Is it non-stop? I bet that is disorienting. Is it?

    • It was a non stop from Frankfurt to SF. Don’t know when I’ll make that flight again. As I get older, I prefer shorter hops. If I hit the lotto, perhaps a ship from Europe to the States. Sure, that’ll be the day. The lottery, I mean.

  3. Mark this day on your calendar, I actually had nothing to say…

  4. I had to come back. There was a comment that kept roaming around my brain and remined me of something.

    Hubby leaned over to me and said, “I’m going to give this pregnant woman my seat”

    I made the mistake of making a comment to a lady that worked in the Hamlet post office. She looked (to me anyway) like she was expecting. I made what I thought was an innocent comment. “When is the baby due?”

    She wasn’t with kid and she let me know and questioned me as to why I thought she was. Talk about being embarrassed. I learned a lesson or so I hope. I don’t care how fat they are, I ain’t saying nothing. When I see the kid hanging on the hip, I may say something…or not.

    • I had to laugh. Sorry, I’m sure that was plenty embarrassing and the fact she took the extra step demanding to know why you thought she was pregnant. They say there’s nothing worse than a woman scorned, but the truth is there’s nothing worse than a woman incorrectly identified as pregnant. They are like yellow jackets.

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