Muni Smash Up

The Muni wreck at the West Portal station. They have the date wrong. The wreck actually occurred on July 18, 2009.


6 Responses to “Muni Smash Up”

  1. Wow, I read about it and saw it on CNN, but this was something. If I was standing there and saw what happened, I think I’d take a cab.

    • I read about it too but I just didn’t think the Muni was going that fast. I know they said it was going about 35mph, but I have trouble envisioning it until you see this footage.

      The cabs are probably going to make a few bucks now for a while because they’ll be people like me who are going to fear the light rails.

  2. I’m amazed at how calm the people on the platform are, I think I’d of grabbed my shit and run like the wind. I’ve heard cars hitting each other at a high rate of speed and the sound of metal scraping and crumpling is scary and LOUD.

    • I’m amazed at their calmness too. In fact, I’ve watched this video a few dozen times and concentrated on different people right before and after the train hits. They seem either in shock or unable to escape. In fact one person looks down the track like she’s expecting another Muni to slide in there. I’d be so long gone.

  3. I don’t quite know what I expected to happen (despite the clue in the title) but I was gob-smacked! I’d have given AZ my shit to carry too and been outta there!

  4. I know, Daffy. The video is crazy. The more I watch it though the more I realize I probably would have acted just like those people did. I am so slow to move in an emergency. I am not the Bruce Willis type. I’d have to let AZ drag me outta there.

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