It’s Alive and It’s Free

The Buick is alive reserving its right to die another day like the pretty girl in a James Bond movie only the Buick is a paint peeling banged up scraper. The oil sensor was malfunctioning and Amir, our Romanian mechanic, fixed it for free. And why did Amir fix it for free? Because we’re idiots? Perhaps, but Amir said the last time we were at his shop for the oil leak, he replaced the sensor, and it was still under warranty. He didn’t even charge us labor. FREE FREE FREE. There’s nothing I like better than free, unless its ice cream.


6 Responses to “It’s Alive and It’s Free”

  1. That’s great mews and it was free.

  2. Every time the Mr. can’t fix something he blames the new part he’s just purchased, last time he was fixing something in front of all his nephews and when the Mr. couldn’t get the part to fit all the nephews in unison chimed in with the Mr.’s favorite excuse “MANUFACTURING FLAW.” I guess in your case it was the manufacturer’s fault. Three cheers for the beater (I mean scraper), it is still road worthy!

    • haha…that’s hilarious. If Hubby can’t fix something, he just forces it, until it goes or breaks. I think I would welcome a shout of “manufacturing flaw” rather than what I usually hear which is something breaking.

      • Don’t get me wrong the Mr. believes in strong-arming small plastic parts, he thinks that that tiny little screw on switch plates require 2,000 lbs of torque at a minimum, and heaven forbid if that little screw that holds on the ear piece on a pair of glasses has to be so tight the ear piece won’t swing at all. I think it’s a man thing.

      • Hilarious. I agree. It must be a man thing. My fav example of this is when I lived in my condo pre Hubby cohabitation. He came to visit and the bathroom door wouldn’t close. He stood there with all his strength pulling on the door. Of course, I could hear wood cracking. The door sill or threshold had popped up and he was cracking it in his efforts. The sill was Pergo and basically it was going down. But the door was gonna close.

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