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I like to catch up on Sky Hill and see what car David is submitting to the climbing challenge. This is one of my favorites, but that could be just because of the name “Halfmaster.” Another good one was the time they attempted to run a school bus up the hill. It didn’t make it. And last night, I watched Rick attempt Sky Hill on a bike. When he couldn’t make it, they asked him if he needed more beer.


7 Responses to “YouTube Entertainment”

  1. First Sky Hill I’ve seen. Interesting.

  2. One of my friends who reads my blog emailed me this hilarious comment:
    See? There’s hope for the Park Avenue yet.
    Park Avenue vs. Sky Hill

  3. worldphotos Says:

    We lived on 8th Ave when I was a kid. I had a friend who lived in an apartment on Park Avenue (by the lake). Is that the same Park Ave you are talking about?

  4. Sorry I should have said Buick Park Avenue aka The Scraper. I need to put it on the test on Sky Hill.

  5. Ok, well this took me way back. We used to do some hill climbing of our own in Cheatham Co. on the power line trails. It was serious business!! Once on our way up the last hill or as I recall it, a vertical climb, the front of the Jeep came off the ground. One of the guys at the top of the hill ran down to us and jumped on the hood of the jeep to keep us grounded!! I believe that was one of my last trips. Can’t call me real stupid 😉

  6. HA! But it was so much fun. I keep expecting these guys to turn one over but they don’t. I did a little lift too in the Sidekick I had when I was driving to this guy’s fishing hole. The jeep was so light we just leaned his way and put it back on the ground. Ahhh, the good ole days.

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