Einstein and the Kitchen Cabinet


12 Responses to “Einstein and the Kitchen Cabinet”

  1. worldphotos Says:

    That’s a fun bird. I wonder if he was making a nest.

  2. Hadn’t thought about that. My first was response was he was making a mess, but nest seems more probably. He is hilarious and smart the way he goes in and out of the cabinet.

  3. She, it’s a girl, and I think she’s just amusing herself in the kitchen cabinet, you know, there isn’t a lot of stuff going on in her life so she’s made due with what she has. Of course that’s just my opinion, but I bet if they gave her a huge area with trees and other birds and stopped clipping her wings so that she could fly she’d be a much happier girl and wouldn’t be hiding in a kitchen cabinets and dragging dish towels around for amusement.

  4. I’d have to agree with you on that, AZ. Birds love to fly and I think they feel stymied when they can’t. THough I have to say, I always clipped the chickens wings. I couldn’t have them flying out of the coop and becoming a dog snack.

  5. Really, my father always left the top of the chicken run open he said chickens are simple minded and if they couldn’t see something over their head they assume the sides to all the way up to heaven. I don’t think chickens fly for the joy of it, I think they fly as a diversion tactic, and only if running doesn’t put enough distance between them and what ever wants to catch them. I think the only time Manuelita flew was when I called her and she knew I have canned peaches to share with her, other than that she would run while flapping her wings to escape an annoying rooster or one of the dogs.

    • You may be right. All I know is we had a white dog that killed chickens. Just like they say in the South, “white dogs are chicken killers.” Anytime the chickens wing feathers got too long they would bust ’em out and go way too close to the top of the coop. I’d catch ’em sitting in bushes and low branches of new trees. Sissy, our dog, killed about 20 of them one day.It was a day my Dad forgot to latch the gate and not me – thankfully. I thought he was going to kill Sissy for about 2 hours. He damn near did. For the chickens and the dog, I couldn’t have it. I clipped the wings any time I saw one off the ground.

      • We didn’t have any chicken killers, we had a chicken lover, Liaka could be seen walking in the yard really slow with three hens balanced on his back. He would share his food with the hens, actually he give them first dibs before he would eat. I guess being raised with a quail kinda made him a bird lover. During cold winter days it wasn’t unusual to see him sleeping with chickens piled all over him, he was a good dog.

      • what a cute and good dog. I wish you had a picture of Liaka snuggled up with some hens. Liaka sounds like she was mothering them. What a funny dog.

        I really like Sissy, our dog, a lot. I never understood this aspect of her personality. She was a cur, as they say in the South. Mongrel and very timid. BUt she would kill chicken after chicken.

  6. I eat my fair share of chicken breasts, but I don’t allow no chicken killing in the house. Ain’t got a dog and the squirrels wouldn’t know how to do it. The wife ain’t much on cooking things that ain’t already plucked and sometime not even then.

    How the hell did I get caught up in this?

  7. I wish I could keep a parrot. I wonder how she’d get along with our cats?

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