Fly Guy


6 Responses to “Fly Guy”

  1. What a cat. Tear up the furniture, but don’t stick a fly in my mouth.

  2. That is precious. I was rolling laughing so hard!!! Reminds me of my pups playing with lizards in the house….all except for, they don’t put the lizards in my mouth! Too funny.

    • I thought it was hilarious too. Oh, I forgot how many lizards there are where you live. You have an unending supply for doggie play toys, Connie.

  3. I wanna know why my cats didn’t do bugs, they never caught bugs inside the house, they may have caught a few outside when they were very young, but it didn’t last. I was the chief bug catcher, Missy and her sister Sissy and their brother Bubba would point them out, but it was up to me to catch, kill and dispose of them. NOT FAIR!!!

    • ha ha.. my little dog is scared of flies. We call them “scary flies” because she bugs her eyes and tries to tell me about the invasion. Hubby catches them barehanded and shows them the door. Me? I try to ignore them and hope they go out the open door they came in.

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