Beer Summit, et al

cake_summitWhen President Obama said “the Cambridge police acted stupidly,” the tiny voice in my head instantly piped up, “Oh, you haven’t seen stupid. I can show you stupid.”

Both sides of this conflict, Dr. Henry Gates and Sgt. James Crowley, wanted an apology at beer summit, which they didn’t get, but what they got was beer and with Obama. Beers at the White House on the lawn with the President. Priceless. (Except to the American taxpayer, of course, who probably paid for plane fares and hotels overnighters of Gates, Crowley and all their relatives)

I can’t help but think if Gates and Crowley were women, they would have thrown in the towel (the kitchen one with the dried spaghetti sauce on it) and apologized, tearfully hugging each other in front of the Prez. Then when they were out of earshot, calling each other Le Grande Ho with implants, instead of au natural. Meow.

And let me say two other stray words about beer summit – Joe Biden. Why was he there? So the race count card was even? 2 black and 2 white. And did Biden contribute anything or just eat crackers? He seemed to just eat crackers like Obama’s parrot for the two minutes the press watched. “Biden wants a cracker. Biden wants a fake beer. Biden’s a pretty bird.”

And here’s the beer list:
Prez – Bud Light
Birdie Biden – Buckler
Dr. Gates – Red Stripe
Sgt. Crowley – Blue Moon

I have to go with the Prez or the Sgt. on this. The Buckler? Just makes me want to say, “Belly up to the bar, Bidey. Drink a man’s beer, not some Dixie cupped kindergarten juice.”

And me? Well, I want to go to a summit at the White House. I want to be the next Joe Blow that gets in some deep seated and yet trivial conflict that the President missteps on. I want to sit on the White House lawn, making small talk and not apologizing. I want to drink beer, only I can’t drink anymore so how about cake? Maybe the Prez could have a cake summit for me and we could settle and yet not settle things right there in D.C. as the Prez ate cake and Biden ate some sort of sugar free version.


9 Responses to “Beer Summit, et al”

  1. Theater. Bad theater. Bad beer and bad theater. Bud Lite? REALLY? Is that the best he can do? I’ll be anything Obama wanted a microbrew but didn’t want to suffer “elitism” charges.

  2. Bet. BET anything. Grr.

  3. Oh please don’t get me started on this crazy BS! With everything going on in this country and abroad (for our soldiers all over this planet) AND Obama thinks this incident is soooooooooo important that we should all sit down and watch 4 idiots smile and drink beer. I mean really … one man is doing his job, another man gets offended, another man makes a fool of himself publically and then who knows what the other creep was around for. Was their little drinkfest really news worthy? I think not!!! Did they solve ANYTHING? And who drove everyone home? I’m so over the whole poor pitiful me racial crap! I’m pissed!

    • Your summary is better than mine.

      No, I don’t think they actually solved anything. I think they got called into the principal’s office and that was about it. Beers. Pictures. Joe Biden. Im reality, everything was the same before the beer summit as it was after, except they all agreed to quit talking to the press.

      Did you notice the cake I photoshoped on the table. It’s falling to one side and Biden is pushing on it?

      • I just did see the cake….I love it. Just one suggestion…you should have dumped it on Biden’s lap. 😉

      • HA! I had the cake on Biden but it was too big of a mess. Of course, it was already a mess anyway with or without the cake.

  4. It’s not worth a comment.

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