Technology Fail

Just Say No to TweetingI had a twitter account for a few months, but I deleted it because of the 140 word limit. I felt restricted, like my writing was cinched up in a straight jacket. Then one of my friends said, “Follow me on twitter and I’ll follow you.” I contacted twitter and begged for my old account back. Twitter tech support made me wait a couple of months, but they eventually provided. Then Brittany Spears got her twitter account hacked, so I deleted mine a second time. I’m not sure why. All I could think of was if it could happen to Brittany, it could happen to me. But that means some bad hair extensions could happen to me also.

Today, my backup drive crashed in a weird pathetic way, crying for help with its light blinking and trying to accommodate time machine. For you non-MAC users, our OS has a time machine feature that allows for automatic incremental backups. Granted, time machine was working my hard drive like a nanny goat on a cheese farm, but it was nice. Backups. Incremental. Okay, I thought it was nice. That was the perception. Reality is I can’t get jack off the backup, and the drive is so hosed the disk repair utility says all manner of crazy talk in red, so its sure that I read it.


8 Responses to “Technology Fail”

  1. My sister has a Mac, she loves it. I have a heck of a time working with her Mac, I can’t get over her mouse not having a right and left clicker. My sister is new to computers, and if she had a PC I could help her, but I’m no good with a Mac. She has yet to figure out how to cut and paste on her Mac, or how to zoom and make stuff bigger, I wish I could help her, but Mac seems so complicated to me.

  2. I have to say the first thing MAC users do is replace that lame mouse. It’s worthless. I have a regular right and left click mouse like everyone else. I also upgraded the keyboard to their latest one. Your poor sister. I don’t know how she gets along without cutting and pasting. Some shortcuts:
    command + c (simultaneously depressed) = cut
    command + v (simultaneously depressed) = paste
    command +z (simultaneously depressed) = undo
    It depends on the app for zooming. I got mine when my vision was so bad initially after the brain surgery. It has a voice feature so it could read to me off the internet.

  3. Did you mean 140 characters for entry limit on Twitter? 140 words is a lot of words!

  4. I don’t know much about MAC and I don’t Twitter. Can’t relate either way.

  5. Well, you’re not missing much about Twitter, but I prefer the MAC over a PC

  6. I have friends who say the same thing about a MAC.

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