The MAC is Whacked

First, my external back up hard drive failed. On Friday, I bought a new external drive but I was too tired to install it. Instead, I went to bed. Sometime Saturday, the MAC toasted itself in the middle of the night. Soo, Saturday morning I had no good back up, and a worthless MAC. I spent most of the day going to and fro from the Apple store. The only saving grace was the hard drive on the toasted MAC was readable.

Needless to say, the blog is closed for a while. Technical difficulties…and a lot of cursing.


8 Responses to “The MAC is Whacked”

  1. Sneak a little time on te big guy’s computer when he’s at work.

    • I have been but his machine is so messed up, it’s impossible to use. He has scripting and pop ups turned off. I shouldn’t complain.

  2. Dang! That’s my worst fear, if my PC dies or has a major meltdown I know we don’t have the means to replace it. Me without a computer, it boggles the mind!

    • AZ, I used the library computer a time or two when I had problems. That is always a fallback if you have a library close by and they have computers. Most do now days.

    • I finally got the new MAC today but I’m still putzing around. The printer has disappeared and taken the scanner with it.

  3. Good for you.

  4. Hello… I was worried for a moment there… Here I am, just back after a little break and I feared you were going… but after reading the comments I hope to see you soon… once you have stopped putzing. :o)

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