Down again

Broken Birdie FingerThe big dog went after a cat this morning while I was walking her. The cat survived but my birdie finger took a beating from the twisted leash. According to the emergency room, it’s broken and was dislocated. Notice the past tense on “was dislocated.” I freaked when I saw my birdie fingernail facing the sidewalk and the rest of the fingernails on that hand, skyward. I reset the finger myself and weaved down the sidewalk toward home.

Okay, and here’s a word of advice. Don’t ever reset your own digits because if you think dislocating and breaking your finger is painful, it’s nothing to compared to resetting it. I almost puked, fainted and crapped my pants simultaneously. I broke out in a sweat and threw myself on the den sofa. I must have sent out some distress signals because my brother and cousin called almost at the same time. My neighbor took me to the emergency and the Big Guy met me there. I was doing okay until I saw the x-ray, and the nurse told me I needed a referral to a hand specialist. I guess my setting job was sub par. Then I felt like Ze Grand Dope. When the nursed asked if anything else was injured, I replied, “My pride.”

The blog is going into a slow down for a while, if not a closure. It has taken me an hour to type this and my birdie finger is throbbing. I’m going to look online for a taser to use on the Big Dog. After the accident, she was happy goofy and the Little Dog was, “Oh my God. Look what you have done. You have damaged the two legger.”


10 Responses to “Down again”

  1. Bless your heart and your finger! I certainly hope for an easy recovery…although the damage does sound severe! How brave you are to try and reset your own finger. I have seen really big men cry and scream like little girls, getting bones reset!!!
    You take a good rest!
    Don’t be too hard on the Big Dog, she just wanted her some kitty! I’m sure she didn’t mean to hurt the “two legger” (funny). My Scarlet put me on my backside once. We were out in the yard taking care of her business and the Daddy got home. She went wild with excitement, circled me and then took off and down I went. My husband kept saying I’ve got the leash, I’ve got the leash! Not sure how he figured that because it was wrapped around my legs and my wrist! Oh well silly little pups.
    Take care and I’ll be checking on you. Will miss you while you recover!

    • OMG Connie. That is wild what Scarlet did. Like a car wreck with no car, only a big dog. Dog gone wild. You would think as old as my Big Dog is, she would quit with the antics, but noooooooo.

  2. Wow, hope you heal up nicely. Birdy finger. Is that the one you give the bird with?

    • Yeah, it’s the one I flip the bird with. The guy in the emergency room didn’t laugh when I told him it was my most used finger. THen I tried, “How am I gonna play the piano?” I’m tone deaf. He ignored me with that question. I guess there is no joking in the ER.

  3. Aw man that’s terrible news. Here’s hoping the two-legger can give the bird very soon!
    Don’t want to think about resetting bones. I’m grimacing whilst I write this!
    Glad you like the word ‘slovenly’. I call my children it all the time and I think I sound really posh when I say it!

    • Actually the finger is now stuck in a permanent bird with a metal casing. That’s what the splint is made of. I have been verbally threatening the big dog this morning, but she thinks I am saying the word “chicken” somehow and keeps dancing by the refrig, so I give her a small piece. So much for threats.

  4. I learned a long time ago not to wrap a leash around my hand. I made that mistake when I was 11-12 years old, I was walking our two German Shepherds down a rocky creek when they saw something they wanted to chase, I never knew what it was because I was face down in the rocks being dragged. I was lucky I didn’t break anything, I was just bruised and sore.

  5. The weird thing is I know about leash trauma, AZ. I’ve always been really careful with the big dog’s leash, to fan fold the leash and put it in my palm. I don’t wrap it around my wrist or my fingers. I have no idea what happened. All I can think is one of the folds got around the end of the finger and wrenched it. Anyway, I’m not walking the big dog now. I’m thinking about not walking her any more. She might be paired forever with the Big Guy.

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