robofinger“We have the technology. We can rebuild her.”

The finger’s still black and blue, and I can’t remember to quit writing notes to myself on the back of that hand. That hand isn’t getting washed much so the ink notes are getting worn longer than usual.

Tomorrow, I go see some orthopedist. I was supposed to see a “hand specialist,” but he was booked until September. Now, I’m seeing a sports medicine orthopedist. Great. The big sport of my middle finger has been temporarily restrained by Robo-Brace. Can you help me, doc? I need to get back on the street, flipping birds and I mean flipping, not some permanent extension. In case you didn’t know, they’re having the flip off Olympics soon. How can I legally compete when THAT finger is wrapped in aluminum?

And I still can’t type worthwhile. Try it yourself. Stick your birdie finger out and see how far you get before cursing and forgoing the experiment.

The Apple Store gave me a new iPod touch with my MacBook purchase. It’s really cool, but I’m approaching it like a chicken. One peck here. Another peck there. Today, I looked at its aluminum back and was horrified to see scratch marks. WHO DID THAT? Defaced my new shiny! Robo-Finger did it. The insolent bastard. I caught it doing it. Robo-Finger vs. iPod Touch Backing. No contest. Robo-Finger:134 iPod Touch:0. That’s not to say there aren’t marks on Robo-Finger. There are. There is this big gouge like I bit it in the night. In my sleep. Take that.


8 Responses to “Robo-Finger”

  1. Robo finger. I love it. Damn that looks like a weapon that would have to be registered with the Police Department. Are you left or right handed? I hope it is right, unless you reversed the photo.

    • I’m right handed. Thankfully. My left hand is stronger though and that’s why I put the Big Dog’s leash in it.

  2. I remembering hurting my middle finger in junior high, and gleefully showing the gym teacher why I couldn’t participate 🙂

    But my sister was regularly injuring her fingers (mostly the pinky, and playing softball), so my dad (a doctor) just had some of those ‘grasshoppers’ around, along with the more traditional tape, etc.

    • I hate that. My Dad was a doctor too so sometimes he ruined the best of excuses. Other times, he would write some medical excuse for me for school. Just depended on his mood.

  3. That’s one serious looking finger splint, I bet that do put a damper on the ol’ typing skills. The other day I was trying to use the hunt and peck method of typing using only my index fingers, and I was totally amazed that I couldn’t find the letters on the keyboard. Touch typing is such an ingrained habit at this point, I don’t even think about where the letters are on the keyboard, but when forced to hunt and peck all of a sudden my brain shifts into neutral and I can’t type at all.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, if you want to quickly get the ink off the back of your hand just use hair spray!

    • Hair spray. Who would have guessed. I don’t have any in the house right now, but maybe I should get some for my hand writing. It’s a baaaad habit I can’t seem to break.

      • Doesn’t have to be hair spray, just anything with alcohol in it, rubbing alcohol will do the trick.

      • I did not know but I am glad you told me. I keep rubbing alcohol at all times. See. I don’t need to break my habit now. I just have improved ink removal methods.

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