The Buddy System

Give the ER a C- on their report card. According to the orthopedist I saw today, the emergency room should not have put the busted digit in a splint. They should have taped the fractured finger to a good finger, aka the buddy system. AND I needed to purchase a stress ball to squeeze three times a day. The fractured finger is now taped to a partner, and in a week, I can take the tape off and go about my business unless the finger hurts. Then he said to stop whatever I was doing to cause the pain. In his words, “It’s no big deal.”

I asked him about the green color that finger has turned. His reply was, “You would turn green too if someone twisted you around sideways.” His diagnosis was “dislocated fracture” but “hairline fracture” and it sounds like I’m pretty much good to go in about a week.

My current problem is typing with two fingers taped together. If Robo-Finger typing was difficult, that procedure was minor compared to two fingers going after the same key constantly. I keep telling myself it’s only week. Put a cork in it. Get on with life. Forget about it. Maybe hold a secret grudge against the Big Dog. Maybe not. Maybe whisper subliminal messages in the Little Dog’s ear to order the Big Dog around more than usual.


12 Responses to “The Buddy System”

  1. Aw don’t blame big dog… I’ve jsut seen him and he looks very sorry to me!
    Hope you heal soon… listen at least you have an excuse for typos…
    Stop what you are doing if it casues pain…ya think? Duh! Did he go to medical school to learn that fact? ;o)

    • I think he went to many years of medical school to learn to dispense that sort of comforting information. ha ha

  2. Glad you got a buddy for that finger.

    • Something to be thankful for. And this is weird. I swear the buddy is hurting worse than the fractured finger. Sometimes I can’t tell which one is hurting. They are sharing neurons now it seems. Cue music to the Twilight Zone here.

  3. Well your prognosis sounds much better than it seemed at first! I’m so happy for you. And I think the advice of not to continue doing something that causes pain is a very good idea. I agree with a previous post….did he (the Dr.) learn that at med school? Take care!!

    • Yeah, I’m much relieved. It doesn’t seem as bad as I thought and it no longer looks as bad with just some tape around it.

  4. “Doctor, doctor — it hurts when I do this!”
    “Well, don’t do that.”

    The buddy system is why my dad included tape in the supplies for dealing with my sister’s fingers.

    • The buddy breaking system is what they should call it. ha ha… I can’t remember where those lines are from.

  5. Oh goodness, I’ve missed commenting on several posts! I was busy, had eight birthday this month: Significant other, brother-in-law, cousin from PA, significant other’s son’s girlfriend, new baby, two nephews, and Aunt Jay! I’ve eaten out, hosted a birthday party, traveled all over the valley, and put Hallmark cards into the black with all my card purchases.

    I guess I’ve been lucky all my life, I’ve never broken a bone [knock on wood], I hope to keep it that way until I reach my final reward [knock on brimstone].

  6. You’ve been the busiest person I know. That’s incredible and all in the dead solid heat of the peak Phoenix summertime. Your car must have the best AC. Happy B-Day to all your kin.

    I’ve broken the weird bones – nose and fingers. The nose -twice.

  7. What color of green, exactly?
    Oh, Man. I wouldn’t blame Big Dog. Big Dog probably knows he screwed up.

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