Look into my eyes, deep into my eyes…


8 Responses to “Look into my eyes, deep into my eyes…”

  1. worldphotos Says:

    Radar ears.

  2. Can’t get up! *errrrkkkk* Nope! Tried… can’t get up…. :o)
    Too Cute!

  3. I grew up with two German Shepherds, but one of them didn’t say “look into my eyes,” he was more of a “ya wanna smell my butt” kind of a dog. I swear if he saw you laying down on the floor he walk up and sit on your head, and he wasn’t to particular if it was the side of your head of smack dab in the middle of your face. Other than the butt thing he was a great dog.

  4. That’s too much. Really made me laugh though. We have a part German Shephard and her big deal is just ignoring your feet. She’ll run right across them or come up and stand on them.

  5. Who couldn’t LOVE that face? Hope you’re feeling better!

    • My finger is a lot better. I’m just sick of it being taped to the other one. I can’t type. Both of the fingers go for the keys. The delete is getting the most use of all the keys on my keyboard.

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