Ow. My broken finger finally started to hurt, so I took the tape off of it. The last two digits of the busted digit are fatter than they used to be and the skin is shiny. I hate these decisions I have to make all the time whether to call the doctor or not. Is this important or is it bupkis? I imagine how I would sound on the phone. “Yeah, doc, I broke my finger and now the skin is shiny.” I imagine him trying to disguise his laughter, so I don’t actually pick up the phone and call him. Instead, I go into the bathroom and cut a big chunk of hair off my top knot.

And I have a confession. It’s a psychosis really. I spend a good deal of time in the bathroom at the triple mirror trying to see if the back of my head looks like it feels. The back is a surgical disaster. There is the rhino horn they have sanded off, the downhill slant, the scar running from top to bottom, and then another dip. How can anyone’s hair cover this mess? The logical answer is it can’t, and yet, it does. How? And for this answer I stare into the mirror. I’m pretty sure when I walk down the street people are gasping, “Did you see that mine field on the back of that woman’s head. Others are answering, “No, I could not because of her weird haircut.”


6 Responses to “Shiny”

  1. Sounds like your digit is just swollen, did you try putting your hand in ice water to see if the swelling would go down? I’m no doctor, but I’m thinking that your bound together digits have been having a finger war, one yanking the other trying to make it do its bidding, maybe just untaping them temporarily and applying an ice pack will make the broken digit better. If the swelling goes down with the ice pack it’s just swelling, if it stays swollen then I’d call the doctor and tell him you have terminal shiny-pudgy digittitus 😉 !

    I also have head issues, when I run my hands over my head I feel bumps and divots, I don’t think I have the kind of skull that would be attractive without hair, good thing I have lots of hair I could hide a rodent under all my hair and no one would be the wiser.

    • Thanks Dr. AZ. I left the tape off overnight and put ice on the finger this morning. It looks almost freaking normal. Whew. I was beginning to get worried. I’m leaving the tape off. I was supposed to take it off at the end of the day anyway and I think you are right. The fingers are battling each other. The shiny skin is gone. Should I expect to receive a bill?

      I didn’t know other people’s head’s were divoted. I thought I was the only divot rhino horn head. So, must not be that unusual. Maybe I can quit staring in the mirror now.

  2. I agree with AZ. Can’t talk you out of looking at the back of you head, but what the hell. You don’t have to look at it. I have a bold spot on the back of mine (losing some hair), but I don’t notice it when I look at the thinning front. People really don’t have the time to look at the back of other people’s heads. If they do that, they must not have a lot to interest them.

    • Maybe I’ll stop staring at the back of my head now. AZ has divots. You have a bald spot. I have a rhino horn. Sounds like everyone (I guess we are everyone) has something back there. Funny how I get to feeling that I’m just the odd man out sometimes.

  3. Oh yeah … don’t worry about your head. We are all in a club of misfit heads. I have a huge divot on the top of my head from a trampoline accident…in a drunken stupor I thought I was very talented on that contraption!
    The shiny finger stuff was from being wrapped. Not to worry. Take care!

    • Really? Everyone has a bonged up head. I thought it was just me. Hate to feel better over other people’s misery but I wish like hell I had mentioned this sooner.

      The wrapping caused the shiny? That was gross. I’m not wearing that stuff any more. The finger still hurts some but hurts worse wrapped.

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