Flower Stand

Flower StandThis flower stand is in front of the San Francisco Transbay Bus Terminal. Their beauty is surrounded by grey buildings and sidewalks and punctuated by the smell of urine and unbathed homeless.
cannibalAnd then there was this fellow, a pigeon, lunching on a chicken wing. His delight was obvious, as he threw the wing in the air, stared at it, and pecked it voraciously. You would have thought he was at a 5 star restaurant, going after some free range clay oven roasted bird. I’m not sure, but I think this is pretty close to cannibalism, and I told him so. He acted like he didn’t understand English. A common problem around here. I mean there are those who genuinely don’t understand English, and then there are those who simply pretend not to. The bird was a pretender. He probably checks his bathroom mirror at night to see which head cock makes him look more puzzled.

4 Responses to “Flower Stand”

  1. worldphotos Says:

    Nice flowers. Pigeons will eat just about anything. I bet he speaks Spanish and Chinese.

  2. I believe birds are the descendents of raptors, so having a wee bit of cannibalism in their makeup isn’t totally surprising, I know most domestic foul have no problems eating their brethren or other birds in general. And all the birds of prey think birds and rodents are darn right tasty, heck my bestest girlfriend in the whole wide world was walking her dog one day and an owl tried to take her dog, so I guess the lunch menu is wide open where birds are concerned.

    • That’s like something out of a horror movie – an owl swooping down on you and trying to nap your dog. That’s so crazy and surreal.

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