Mirror, mirror on the…truck?

AZ writes, “As long as your blog is about vehicles I thought I send you a picture of our ride, I like to take pictures of myself going down the freeway, thus far the only way to accomplish this is by taking a picture of yourself in a shiny tanker truck. That’s us in the Avalanche.reflection


5 Responses to “Mirror, mirror on the…truck?”

  1. This made me laugh. Very ingenious, AZ.

  2. AZ, were you driving and taking the picture at the same time while following a tanker truck? Or were you a passenger?

  3. I was a passenger, I’m not coordinated enough to drive 65 mph and take a picture, but I will take credit for screaming “speed up a little, change lanes, slow down your to close, wadaya mean I’m nuts.” I thought everybody took pictures using the reflective qualities of a tanker truck, but evidently not to many people do.

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