The Principal’s Office


8 Responses to “The Principal’s Office”

  1. “Purple unibrow” LOL!

  2. Teenaged boys can be some of the funniest (and grossest) people on this planet.

  3. If you’ve ever visited “My Death Space” it is eye opening to see how many young people die from youthful enthusiasm and impulsiveness.

  4. Kid, you disrupted the class AND you made the L for loser backwards.

    If I was his mama I’d still be laughing. They just don’t think yet they’re diabolically clever.

    –mother of three teen boys

    • Lord knows, I’m still laughing over the video. Every time I play it I laugh. I like the part where he says he don’t need no speech class. He talks just fine.

  5. He looks like me at that age. Only my glasses were real, and probably the beard, too.

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