The Little Dog’s Ear

longdogThe Little Dog has had an ear infection since April. I’ve been working with our vet since then, trying to clear it up, but visit after visit and now, the dog won’t eat by herself. I have to hand feed her. Enough’s enough. I made an appointment with a specialist the Little Dog had seen before.

The news I got today wasn’t good. The Little Dog’s right eardrum had burst. The medicine we gave her cured the initial set of symptoms, but more recently did not help and some of it made matters worse. Today, the specialist cultured the puss out of the dog’s ear and gave us some painkillers for her. She ate by herself tonight. By Tuesday, the puss should grow enough in a Petri dish in the specialist’s lab so we will know what we are dealing with and which antibiotic will effectively kill it.

I’m not very happy with the dog’s regular vet or myself. I should have questioned the abnormal length of time to cure the dog’s ear infection and put the dog in the car and asked the Hubby to take us elsewhere. Instead, I trusted too much and hurt the dog. It won’t happen again. I promised the Little Dog.

12 Responses to “The Little Dog’s Ear”

  1. Poor Little Dog, I know she wasn’t big on listening to what you had to say, and now she has an excuse not to hear you at all. I wonder what the doggie equivalent to “huh” is.

    • LOL! You are so right AZ. She kind of ignored me anyway but at least she looked at me when I talked when she could hear. It’s funny but some of her hearing has come back. I had the windows open today and she kept looking out the open window at the street. She made me believe she could hear the traffic.

      • I was always fond of “cat ignore” my cats would sit with their backs to me but their ears would swivel completely around so that they faced the sound of my voice, but they wouldn’t turn and look at me, if a cat doesn’t make eye contact that means they have turned on their selective “deaf” mode.

      • Ha Ha…that’s so true. I can just seen them now. Accurate description.

  2. Bless Little Dog’s ear!!! I would not have thought to go to a specialist. Scarlet is always getting ear infections…but now we know that is because Annie is always licking Scarlet’s ears. I can only hope that the instructions we are being given by our vet are correct and enough to keep permanent damage from being done. Poor pups and their ears. Give Little Dog a hug and kiss from me! Let me know what the specialist has to say!

    oh and Happy Holiday weekend!

    • You have a nice holiday weekend too Connie. I bet everyone is visiting you. Time for some grilled hamburgers, I say.

      • No one is visiting right now….it’s very NICE! You and your hubby should come visit……puleeeze!

      • Sounds good. If you weren’t on the other side of the continent and the Little Dog was well, I might come. Pick up Florida and move it closer to California.

  3. Aw man that’s a shame but don’t you dare be too hard on yourself! You would do anything for Little Dog and I think Little Dog Knows that! At least now you are on the right road and soon little dog will get back to ignoring you without discomfort.

  4. LOL! So true. She does that ignoring thing like a pro. The good news is tonight she climbed on top of Hubby for a neck scratch. She used to do that every evening while Hubby lay in bed reading his book but she quit about a month ago. She must have felt horrible. Tonight was her first night back for the neck scratch. I’ll know she’s back to normal when she plays.

  5. So are there doggy ENTs? I don’t see why there shouldn’t be. I wonder if they need to train as many years as we did . . .

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