Labor Day Weekend

This is how our Labor Day weekend started. This dumb ass got his picture recorded on the surveillance camera here in Oakland as he tried to break in my neighbor’s car. Love all the looking around he does, but never sees the camera. Hubby ran him off while I called the police. Come to find out, he’s making a regular tour of our neighborhood. Another neighbor saw him a couple of days ago hanging around our car. I’m going to take a still from the video and post it on all the phone poles with some derogatory verbiage. Then I’m going to give copies to all the neighbors. We’ll be waiting for him next time around. My advice to him would be to take your dumb ass to another street.


7 Responses to “Labor Day Weekend”

  1. Bold isn’t he? Your plan sounds like a very good one. Run the creep outta your neighborhood.

  2. What did Big Guy do to scare him off? Stand in the window and glare at him? When we lived in “Shooters World” people would drag out their high powered firearms on the 4th of July and shoot into the air, Karl said it was almost like being back in Vietnam when all the automatic weapons would go off. I also think it was a way to announce to the thieves and drugged out street people that the neighborhood was armed and dangerous.

    • The Big Guy yelled at him. He can yell pretty loud. Personally I like Shooters World solution. I wish I had an air rifle taser, a taser you could shoot with a rifle. I’d drop one of these SOBs.

  3. A true family of crime fighters. I need to get one of those cameras, but the only thing I could film in the hamlet at night, is the stray cat.

    • We played the video tape back for the last three days because one of the neighbors said the same guy tried to break in our car. All we saw was a bunch of cats. It’s amazing how many cats cross the street in the middle of the night.

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