Simon sports his Halloween costume from Target. Of course, getting him to wear it (and like it) is a bit like putting him in a cat carrier. After all, he is a Pharaoh. Costumes are so…plebeian.pharaoh


4 Responses to “Pharaoh”

  1. I’m always surprised when people find a cat that will allow clothing, my cats would allow a collar, sometimes, but for the most part any adornment was usually lost in the first 15 minutes. Cats are nudists to the max 🙂 !

    • Well…umm…the confession. The reason you only see the cat’s head is because I Photoshoped out two hands holding him down with the Pharaoh hat on. Poor Simon did not like the get up at all. The miracle of Photoshop. Looks like he is wearing the hat peaceably. Not.

  2. I think the kitty looks very mad…check out those laid back ears and those eyes…I’m scared!!!

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