Picture Perfect

Hummingbird FeatherAZ writes, “The other morning I noticed a feather right outside my patio door it was so tiny and so perfect I picked it up when you look at it looks brown, but when I photographed it you can see the green iridescence. I’m guessing a hummingbird must has hit the glass and lost a pin feather. I put the dime in the picture so you could see how little the feather is.


10 Responses to “Picture Perfect”

  1. My what a tiny feather… cool find!

  2. I have three hummers that are having all out territory war on my patio I’m surprised that they don’t smash into a wall because they are flying at supersonic speeds tying to be king of the hill.

    • I’m surprised all they’ve lost then is one feather. Maybe you will find another.

      • I can’t remember ever finding a hummingbird feather prior to this one. This feather is sticky, I mean really sticky, when I picked it up it was difficult to get off my finger.

      • That’s so strange. Do you think the stickiness was from the bird or some nectar?

  3. That is one little feather. Of course, it is from one little bird. Haven’t seen a hummingbird here in Germany, but I’m sure they must have some. Nice picture.

    • I wonder if they have hummingbirds in Germany. I remember being kind of shocked when I saw the magpie pictures. I’d never seen such a large forthright bird so full of himself. I don’t remember seeing such magpies over here though I have called certain woman magpies for as long as I can remember. That leads me to believe they must be in the South.

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