Elephant Seals

elephant_sealsSome of them were playing in the surf. Most were asleep, and some were taking their fins and flipping wet sand on their backs. I asked the “Friend of the Elephant Seal” why we could get so close to the wild animals, and he said the seals don’t see very well on land. Their eyes were made to see underwater. As long as we were relatively quiet, the elephant seals would enjoy their beach time.


6 Responses to “Elephant Seals”

  1. That’s neat. The thing about their vision makes a lot of sense. Even I can learn something new. Nice photo.

  2. I look just like that flopped down on a beach!

  3. Are you off on another short trip?

    • We’re here but we have relative visiting. Just got rid of one set and another set is coming in on Thursday. This house is too small to play hotel so much.

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