Police Helicopter

Supposedly, according to city council person Jane Brunner, Oakland’s police helicopter has been grounded due to lack of funds. I found this wandering around the internet. It’s Oakland’s helicopter maintenance contract for $730,000 for two years, waiving competitive bidding. WTF?

Brunner was one of the council people responsible for the new parking regulations. The city council voted in expensive parking meter changes and regulations, and then, rather than hear any flak from the public, they went on break. The new regulations prohibit people from shopping in Oakland. That’s the way to cure the city’s ills. She says she was trying to raise revenue to save the city. Instead, she has caused a revolt. People are talking about recalling Brunner.

Needless to say, the police helicopter has not been around. I noticed in a way you notice something is missing but can’t quite place it. I finally decided the night train had turned up the volume on its whistle, but the truth is the helicopter, which was whopping over my house every other Saturday night, is sitting on a tarmac somewhere gathering dust.

Do I miss it? No. Was it helping? Haven’t a clue. Ask any long time Oakland resident and he/she will tell you the whirlybird was annoying as hell. It was so bad one night I called Oakland PD and asked them to contact the helicopter pilot and request he take his spotlight away from my bedroom. The fleeing felon was not in there, and he was scaring the animals.

The dispatcher responded with, “How do you know it’s us?”

“I can see you out my window,” I said.

“I have no way to contact him,” she said, and yet he whopped off in the next few minutes as if he got an urgent call on his bat phone from another part of the city.


6 Responses to “Police Helicopter”

  1. I can’t believe they only have one. Well, no money is the reason, I’m sure. I guess having one on the ground is better than having a fleet of them on the ground. We had a local German guy shine a lazer pointer on a Military Med-Evac helicopter that was flying at night. He was caught. Guess he was fined. He claimed the noise was keeping him awake.

    • Yeah, you’re right. I did some research and Oakland PD has more than one helicopter. Maybe I should fire an email to Jane Brunner and tell her that since she is emailing everyone that the helicopter has been grounded (singular tense) JANE!!!

      That’s kind of crazy about the laser pointer. I’m surprised the guy didn’t do some jail time.

  2. Since we moved out of Shooter’s World I haven’t seen a ghetto bird, but back in the barrio they were a nightly occurrence, that and police running around with guns drawn. I also miss the crime scene tape festooned around the neighborhood. Yuppers, living in the danger zone is a noisy and well as hair raising experience that I don’t miss.

    • Ghetto bird. I like that. I’m going to have to steal that term.

      My brother-in-law gave me some crime scene tape. I was trying to convince the kids two doors down to wrap it around their house before their Dad came home. I also tried to convince them to make a chalk outline of themselves on the sidewalk, but kids are smarter than you think these days.

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