See Gull

This picture was taken on the patio atop the Macy’s building at San Francisco’s Cheesecake Factory. The seagull is real, behind Plexiglas, and staring at people eating lunch. The people think he’s funny, but I know better. He goes crazy every once in a while and flies over the Plexiglas and attacks the beautiful women’s long hair. Sometimes I think I should warn them, but then he behaves himself, and I appear like a kook, someone akin to Chicken Little, rather than crying, “The sky is falling,” I’m yelling, “That seagull will bite your hair.”see_gull


6 Responses to “See Gull”

  1. Nice shot. Too bad you didn’t get one doing his thing on the hair. I’m sure you were waiting for that.

    • I was waiting for that and I wanted that to happen but it didn’t. The gull always looks so innocent until he attacks.

  2. You have to warn people about the perils of hair-biting seagulls… even if you do look a little perculiar whilst you do it! haha

    • I should but most of these people are tourists and have been warned against the weirdo Californians. Nothing like confirmed their suspicions.

  3. Once on an excursion to Malibu, I had the opportunity to say at a beachfront hotel. When we got to our room a note was attached to the sliding glass doors that faced the beach, it read “KEEP DOORS CLOSED AT ALL TIMES.” Strange I thought, why put in huge sliding glass doors if one couldn’t open them and enjoy the ocean breeze. When I woke up in the morning the entire porch railing was filled with perching sea gulls and pelicans, I take it if the door had been open they would have been perched on the furniture in the room. You could tell by the looks on the birds’ faces that they had connected “food” and “people” in their little bird brains. I’m not a good “bird person” birds kinda scare me when they are up close and personal, especially aggressive ones.

    • LOL! Sounds like a horror movie. AND pelicans too. Now that is waaaay off. Seagulls – not so bad, but pelicans in your room is like a Shetland Pony with wings.

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