The Family Emu

Back in the day, our farm adjoined my grandparents, but my parents got into debt and sold our farm. My grandparents died, and my uncle and aunt inherited their place.
Which brings us to this emu. One of the neighbors on an adjoining farm bought some emus. They lived in the only Victorian House around those parts and after they moved in, they painted the house purple. The rumor was they were from California. Emus and purple houses will start those kinds of rumors in the South. Then, like a lot of transplants, they couldn’t take the area and moved out, leaving an emu behind. The emu moved one farm over to my uncle and aunt’s place. He stays with the cows now, eating who knows what. No one can catch him.


4 Responses to “The Family Emu”

  1. That would be an interesting resident on a farm in the states. i guess they get pretty big and can be dangerous. That’s a thought. A guard Emu.

    • I’ve seen him. He’s pretty big but I think the emu thinks he’s a cow. I don’t think he has any idea he’s a bird. Cows can be dangerous but my uncle’s are docile. The big deal with the emu is he is wild. He won’t let a soul near him and yet he never leaves the farm. It’s a weird situation and he’s really old now too.

  2. Wow, that was kind of mean leaving an Emu to fend for itself, but then again it appears healthy in the picture, and if no once can catch it, it must be doing alright in the food finding department. Since I’m kinda paranoid about large birds I sure wouldn’t want that one to sneak up on me from behind. Do you know if it’s a girl Emu, I bet a boy Emu would get a bit cantankerous during mating season without any potential mates around.

    • I have no idea about the sex. I’m like you though, AZ, I thought it was amazingly cruel at the time that the people left the emu behind. After all these years, my opinion has changed somewhat. Knowing how the bird is, he probably ran away on loading day and hopped the fence. He’s had a life of his own choosing since then. It turned out good for the bird. He essentially stayed where he wanted to.

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