Wilding by the Baby


6 Responses to “Wilding by the Baby”

  1. The way those ears are flapping, I thought he was going to take off any minute.

  2. I often wonder what two mature dogs think when a new puppy is introduced into the family, sure it’s fun having a spunky new family member, but what about all that lost quiet time they used to have? Maybe dogs don’t put that much thought into it, but I cherish my quiet time I’d miss it if I had a child dropped into my life without notice. Just sayin’.

    • The puppy was an accidental addition to this family. The two dogs racing around in this video belonged to my friend’s mother who died abruptly. My friend loves them and took them into her fold. They all get along really well.

  3. I met a Doberman puppy this evening who thought he owned the whole household. His ears are taped up, which reminded me of the kid in Where the Wild Things Are. You would think the humiliation of taped ears would slow a dog down, but not this one.

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