Walk Bikes

Sunday, I went out to Angel Island to bike ride the perimeter. It’s a nice ride with no cars, but plenty of buzzards, lurking in this one dead tree. We stopped to eat lunch beside them and watch a while. A red tailed hawk swooped by and sat on the furthest branch of the same tree, which could be called Deadly Bird Dead Tree, DBDT for short.

The picnic was good although I forgot to cut my sandwich in half and left all the napkins on the kitchen counter. After lunch, we forged on, determined to make the 12:15 exit ferry. There’s a steep downhill on perimeter road with a warning sign that says, “Walk Bikes.” It was there I had my little mishap. I saw the rock, about half the size of my fist, but since I was NOT walking my bike, and traveling at light speed, the rock was impossible to miss. I squiggled the front wheel and thought for a brief second I had escaped calamity, when I heard the pong clang of breaking spokes. The rock took out 2 of my back spokes, and when I applied the brakes, the right brake seized.

I was stuck on perimeter road with a busted bike, a frozen back wheel and no way to walk the thing back to the ferry. The Big Guy and my cousin pulled up beside me. At the top of the hill, the roof of the tourist tram appeared. I could hear the tram’s recording, recklessly throwing words into the wind. I flagged the tram down and begged the driver to haul my busted bike and me back to the dock. Thankfully, my bike was a folder, so I folded it up. The tram bobbed like a centipede down the hill to a level spot, and my husband passed the folded bike to the driver. I sat down in the only available seat and made myself small.
And so, this is a view of Alcatraz on the way back. When we got back to the mainland, I left my bike unlocked in front of the Ferry Building for an hour but no one stole it. What’s wrong with people? I’m not going to repair the little folder anymore. I just repaired her 6 months ago. Time to scrap her. I’ve ridden the heck out of the little folder. May she rest in peace.


8 Responses to “Walk Bikes”

  1. I haven’t been to Angel Island since college. Was there much evidence of the recent fire? And are the ruins still there, and if so, can you explore them?

    • Funny, but we didn’t see any evidence of the fire. I wonder where it was. Some ruins are still there but they also have restored some like the Chinese immigration station. It’s a great place to bike around.

  2. I’m from the Bay area, but have to admit, I’ve never been to Angel Island. There is a sign that says walk bikes??? Enough said.

    • Angel Island is great. Cool ferry ride. I like to leave from Jack London square and return to Pier 1, take the BART to Lake Merritt, and then ride the bikes back to the parking garage at Jack London Square.

      I’ve been meaning to tell you they redid the boat house on Lake Merritt. I can’t remember to get some pictures.

      Next time I see “Walk Bikes” maybe I’ll do it. I think I did it the first time we went out there and everyone flew past me.

  3. Post a few, it would be nice.

    • I go over there all the time to walk the lake but I can’t remember my camera. I’ll try to remember. They were retrofitting the boat house and earthquake proofing it. Now there is a swanky restaurant on top of it.

  4. I’ve never been to Angel Island either, I had to Google it. The latest fire happened in 2008, and from the pictures I saw it was a huge fire. The island’s history was also interesting, more ways Americans figured out to separate “foreigners” from the mainstream. As for the “walk bike” sign, I’m a little shaky on a bike, when they say walk it, I walk it, I don’t take chances bein’ that I’m old and not apt to heal very quickly 😦 ! I can’t believe nobody sole the folding bike, people steal anything nowadays. Heck, they stole the mailbox from in front of the U.S. Post Office where I live.

    • The fire was huge. We could see it from our side. I’m surprised we didn’t see more damage when we went there. In fact, we didn’t see any.

      I’ll probably walk it the next time I’m there though I have to say the folder is simply beat up. I’ve had several wrecks on it on the island in places that were determined to be safe. One place is so bad, I don’t know why they don’t put up a sign. It’s right as you get on the bike trail.

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