Cold or Flu?

I have a cold or the flu. I don’t know which, and I don’t know how you differentiate the two. I think it all started with the Oktoberfest at Schroeder’s German Restaurant in San Francisco. Normally, I don’t drink, but the German polka band wore me down until I ordered a cold mug of Spaten, along with the sausage platter for two.
bootdrinkerThings got out of hand with the yelling after that, at first, not by us, but by these yuppies several tables over, drinking from ceramic boots. My cousin and I grew up on the same farm. No one can out yell us, and any attempt is viewed as a challenge. Every time the boot drinkers hollered, we hollered back. The table behind us announced we were the winners. So, we ate our strudel and left, but not before we told the table behind us the boot drinkers looked like Shetland ponies with feedbags on their faces.

bubblyAnd here is what I think did me in. The next day my cousin, my husband, and I went to Napa for some wine tasting at the Domaine Chandon winery. The Spaten and the bubbly broke me. Or maybe just my sinuses. Would I do it again? I’m not sure at this point. It’s like asking, “Did I learn a lesson?” Is the current pain worth the past fun? Did it even cause it? Ask me in a few days when I’m not sneezing and honking my nose every 3 seconds.

flu_kitHere is my flu kit, and I stand by it even though it doesn’t seem to be working so well. About two hours ago, I found some Claritin on my husband’s desk. That stuff is worthless. At least when I eat my Icebreakers SOUR, I can feel something happening, like tartaric acid wrenching a knot in the flu bug. Or is that my throat?


10 Responses to “Cold or Flu?”

  1. Hope you feel better soon. I had an upper resp. infection and that crap lasted for two weeks. They did test me for the flu but I was negative. If the flu is worse than how I felt for two weeks then show me the nearest line for the flu vaccine … which I’ve never had. Take care and get well!

    • I remember you said it lasted two weeks. THis stuff is hell. I decided I had cancer again today and then took two Aleve’s and decided I was a hypochondriac.

      Connie, Lulu sent me another email telling me to RSVP the headmaster’s meeting. WTF? Is she just nut-so. I told my brother and he is going to break her chicken wing next time he’s in Nasvhille.

  2. It must be an international thing or something to do with German food. Last Thursday I woke up with a hell of a soar throat. Friday, my chest started hurting a little. Saturday I went to the hamlet pharmacy and got some pills. Sunday, I was coughing, blowing my nose and and my head hurt. Monday the soar throat was gone, but my eyes were watering and I was sneezing all day. Tuesday I was drying out. Wednesday, just a little cough. Today, I still have a little cough, but feel much better. I still say it’s the German food. Or the German beer. This is the last weekend for the Oktober fest. I watched it on TV.

    • Dang. International flu. That stinks. I’d like to get some of the pills from your hamlet because mine aren’t so good, mostly causing flatulence. Yeah. My stomach is exploding, and the gas is killing my husband.

      It’s not the last weekend for the Oktoberfest here. We have one now in the Dimond district and it is Oct 10. I’m supposed to work a booth for the grocery.

  3. Monte McClain Says:

    Maybe you needed more hot spicy mustard with the sausages to clean out your sinuses. Hope you’re well soon.

    • We had the hot spicy mustard and the sour kraut, the regular kind and the red. We even got the fancy maitre de to seat us, the one in the black coat.

  4. AH HA! The germ infested maitre d’ is the cause of all your snot problems! Did he have snot on the sleeve of his black coat?

  5. Fever is more prominent in flu. Fever and sweats/chills. Gastrointestinal stuff — nausea, vomiting, diarrhea — almost always means flu. Muscle, bone, and joint pain = flu.

    Colds: more stuffy & runny nose.

    You can get cough with either.

    Flu lasts longer. I felt like crap for 3 weeks, and it took five weeks to clear the cough. Don’t know if it was flu because the county won’t allow testing unless you’re hospitalized.

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