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Transportation Flinging and Squeezing

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The Bay Bridge is closed for repairs. The best report is here with the best picture. Scary stuff, considering a steel chunk fell, taking its cable with it and whipping a few cars in the windshield. No one was seriously hurt. I was considering making some smarmy remark about the bridge’s earthquake retrofit, but I’ll just put another chocolate chip/pecan cookie in my pie hole and call it a day. I think flying steel chunks speak for themselves.

bart_businessThis picture was taken at commute time. The BART was overrun with people. The Pittsburg/Baypoint train pulled up to the platform, and people filed into the cars until they looked like sardines lined one against another in their tin can. And then for no particular reason, the train didn’t leave the station. It sat with its doors open. At the last second, this businessman danced into a car as gracefully as a prima ballerina. I was a bit jealous. How could he do that? A lady had approached the car immediately before him, thrown up her hands at its impenetrable sardine line, and blustered off skirt swirling. And me? I would have backed up and charged the car like a bull, slamming my body against the others already in the car. But the business man? He was all grace and charisma with his pressed shirt and perfect hair. He boarded. The doors closed, and he took his fellow sardines down the line with his smile.


This Happened

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We saw it Saturday as we were going to Farmer Joe’s for some eats. Hard to imagine how the driver got up enough speed at that tight spot between two lights a block apart on Fruitvale to flip himself like a dolphin at Sea World.

That’s a beer keg to the left of the wreck. Hmmmm. Everyone goes “hmmmm” because of the secret meaning of beer kegs and wrecks. This keg was untapped. More hmmmm.

I told one of the butcher’s at the grocery store, “Look here, I’m not one to ogle at wrecks, but you have to see it.” The butcher went out for a look, and when I stopped by the meat counter for some chicken she asked me, “Do you know the story?” I shook my head. “Tomorrow’s their wedding day. The groom and his groomsmen were in one car, and the bride and her bridesmaids where in another car. They smashed into each other.” The butcher and I looked at each other with screwed up faces. She pulled my meat from under the counter and weighed it. “I told them no way should they get married,” the butcher said. I nodded my head. Though her assessment was hard, I concurred with it. I took my chicken breasts and went off in search of some Pop chips.

Roxy’s Howl-o-ween

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The Big Dog’s Cancer

Posted in animal on October 23, 2009 by Nada

Nikki’s (aka The Big Dog) oncologist called last night. Everything looked good except her lymph node where they found cancer cells. She seems fine for now, albeit a little slower and with a little less hair from shaved spots from surgery and blood tests. We meet with Nikki’s oncologist on Monday and she has proposed going on a new anti-cancer drug called Palladia by Pfizer. Pfizer is providing it free until the first of the year. Thank you Pfizer.


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This is what happens. The Big Guy leaves for work in the morning and the Big Dog takes his place in bed. The dog puts her head on his pillow and snores, just like him. The dog has the man’s act down to a science. When the Big Guy comes home from work, she abandons the show. If and when the Big Dog starts eating 6 hotdogs for dinner like the Big Guy, I’ll know the dog has gone over the line, taken the show too far.

The Rain

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It has been raining here, but honestly, it didn’t seem that bad to me. Guess I was wrong. This is footage from San Francisco and the Muni station at Van Ness.

Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for More Beer

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