Today, I got on the 57 bus, heading over to Piedmont Ave. to this place whose claim to fame was they could cure cellulite. This girl got on the bus in a purple tutu. I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff on that crazy 57 bus, really weird stuff, but this about takes the cake. The picture doesn’t do the tutu justice because it looks longish in back. In front, you could see some things your really didn’t need to. And the bus seats? They are beyond filthy. I imagine the girl had to get some antibiotics to clear up whatever she picked up from her exposed backside contacting the bus seat.
Tutu Girl hoped off and took herself across the street near Highland Hospital, and I got off at Piedmont Ave. I walked the length of it on my quest for the cure for cellulite. As it turns out, the magician that can cure flab, is in an office above a Halloween store. I stopped in briefly and bought some rubber eyeballs that light up when you bounce them. There was a dachshund in costume working at the Halloween store. The dog wouldn’t quit barking. I stopped and patted her until she trotted out the backdoor to the pumpkin patch.

I climbed a small staircase to the Curer of Cellulite, but she wasn’t in the office. The door was locked. The pricelist was outside, and the carpet was bad. I peeked in the window, and it looked very dental. I wondered if that’s how it’s supposed to look.


12 Responses to “Tutu”

  1. Enjoyed the post. The guy standing next to the tutu girl is looking at you wondering if you are a bus cop. The black lady on the right is looking at you and smiling. She knows you aren’t a bus cop, but you scaring the crap out of the guy nest to the tutu girl, makes her laugh.

    • Funny. I see all that now, but I didn’t see that when I took the picture. It’s hard to get pictures on the bus with it rocketing around and a lot of people really don’t like the photos. I took it with my phone but I had to stand up to get it so I’m pretty sure they all knew what I was doing.

      • During one of my visits to S.F., I was taking a photo of some building across the street….but this man walks up to me and tells me “some people get hurt taking pictures of people. People don’t like their pictures made around here.” Scared the crap outta me. I think I gave the camera to my hubby after that!!

      • I think that would have scared me too. We have the freaks around here ya know.

  2. What is it with tutus, I just saw a girl at the grocery store in one. It was really short, shorter than the girl’s tutu in your picture. The girl at the grocery store had on a black spandex top and a hot pink tutu and fabric dance slippers, not toe shoes, just black satin dance slippers. If the girl had been three or four I could she her wearing her tutu out, but she was more like 9-11, and spandex was not her friend (to many chicken nuggets).

  3. Yesterday on my way home from the green building conference West Coast Green, I found out what the great sequined and tutu-ed masses were about. It was the lovEvolution festival in San Francisco. It took the shuttle bus 45 minutes to go the 3 miles from Fort Mason to Civic Center BART because of the closed and crowded streets. San Francisco was packed yesterday. Besides those things, the Breast Cancer Walk went through, there was some Octoberfest drinking binge near downtown, and a bluegrass concert in Golden Gate Park.

    • Gene, this Green Horizon’s single family home is fantastic. Is there a place I can see it? I looked through the manufacturers site. It is truly amazing. Do they have a price list somewhere. I like the fact it is self contained but if you buy it by itself do you also have to buy the water treatment building? I was thinking about something off the grid but not in a central community.

      I forgot about lovEvolution. I knew there was a reason to stay out of the city. I looked at the website. And yes, I had to mute the awful music. I didn’t see the open tutu throw down. If the thing requires tutus, I’ll never attend. Okay, that’s just an excuse. I’ll never attend anyway.

      • As far as I know, the prototype they showed at West Coast Green is the only one in existence at this point. Prices aren’t firm, but start at around $89,000 for the basic model in volume and go up from there.

      • Oh, wow! That’s too rich for my blood. I wish they made something a little cheaper. I know considering today’s standards that should be considered cheap, but I don’t think anyone can pay that for container housing.

  4. Monte McClain Says:

    maybe she caught cellulite sitting on the bus like that? maybe that’s where it comes from….

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