Dogfight at AZ’s Place



11 Responses to “Dogfight at AZ’s Place”

  1. Fantastic photos!!!

    • I agree and they tell a story almost. AZ can catch the beat of a hummingbird’s wing with her camera – amazing.

  2. AZ did a super job with the hummers.

  3. These are wonderful! I love the colours and the action packed into them!
    I’ve never seen one and I doubt I’m ever likely too so thank you Driver and AZ for sharing them!

  4. The zoom on my camera isn’t the best, I actually had to slowly work my way across the patio to get close enough to photographs the hummers. They were so intent on chasing each other that they didn’t pay any attention to me. If I reached out I could touch them, I was that close. It’s kinda scary being that close because they are zooming past my head, I could feel the air move as they zoomed past my ears. I could also hear their wings hit the support pillars on the patio. They are both immature Costa’s hummingbirds, they may be nest mates for all I know.

    • AZ, their wings were hitting the pillars? That’s wild. They must have been really intent on their dogfight. My favorite is picture #4. The red throated hummer looks like he’s dive bombing the little guy sitting on the feeder. The little hummer on the feeder is crouched down as if he’s afraid. Great action shot.

      • I like that shot too, I took 36 pictures hoping that I would capture both hummers in one frame. I’m afraid there was very little talent involved, them little suckers were dashing in and out of camera range every second or so, I just aimed and clicked at random. Luck had more to do with the pictures than talent.

      • Well, they are great photos, and a great sequence. Thanks for sharing them. I still lean toward “talent” rather than “luck.”

  5. AZ, do you know what your shutter speed was on these shots?

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