The Hood

They’re having old Star Trek reruns on TV here. Sadly, I’m watching them. Last week it was all Jean-Luc Picard and cheesy #1 profiling into the camera at strange angles. Friday and Saturday, it’s been James T Kirk smirking at Spock’s cocked eyebrow. Yesterday, Spock’s eyebrows were drawn on with a magic marker, but today they looked like hair. Tonight, Kahn was thawed out from suspended animation. Kirk was taunting Spock about his lack of emotion. Kirk, played by William Shatner, or as I like to call him Bill Shatner as if I’m a personal friend, is so much fun to imitate that the Big Guy and I repeat his lines.

In other news (or non-news), it’s been freaking hot here for October. It was 85 today. I’m wearing flip flops and swearing it’s too warm for shirts with collars. That’s my excuse for wearing faded T shirts. Tomorrow it’s supposed to cool off, and then I’ll complain about that.

And finally, there this…all the neighbors I know around here claim a large population of Germans inhabited this area. It seems to me if they lived here 100 years ago their descendants should still be around – somewhere. I can’t find them. Not that I am the keeper of the Germans, but I just wonder where they went and why. I am always looking for them. I finally found one little lady on the bus and she TOLD me her family was German but when I asked her later she said, “No, really Austrian.” I don’t know quite what to make of it.

Yesterday, I am waiting on the crazy 57 bus with an elderly black man with one eye. I’m waiting and it’s boring, so I strike up a conversation to pass the time. The old man tells me he was born at Highland Hospital. NO ONE ever told me they were born there. I asked him where he grew up and he said his family had a 21 room house that used to sit where one of the Highland Hospital’s parking lots is now. And then he said the house belonged to a German family who sold it, moved out and left everything. I asked him to repeat that part of the story in case I misunderstood, but he repeated it as is. Then he said the Germans left the whiskey still and the beer making equipment on the third floor, and his father moved it to the basement and continued making whiskey, but not beer. When he got older, his Mom let him move to the basement. He had 2 rooms and when he was doing something I couldn’t understand, he found the Germans’ beer storage. He said it was some of the finest beer he had ever drunk. Then, he went on about some parties they had and some typical Oakland stuff that went down. He said the storage room was huge, and he was in his 20’s. He was working on drinking all the beer but got hooked up with a ho, who rented a truck when he was drunk, backed it up to his house and stole the hooch. She put in a storage locker and didn’t give him a key. This latter part sounds made up or something is amiss. I’ve heard these stories before and sometimes the bulk of it is true but when it comes to the teller’s own wrongdoing, it gets replaced with a story told by a four-year-old, snitching cookies. I don’t believe the ho was all to blame. He had to get off the bus at that point. I told him I’d see him around and he yelled back, “You’ll see me when you see me.”


5 Responses to “The Hood”

  1. I enjoyed the post. I’m a Kirk fan and my wife is a Picard fan.

    Send us some heat.

    Lots of Germans in America. I know the east coast and the Chicago area has some. Those Germans the arrived through Ellis Island are probably all dead. Their kids and grandkids probably don’t speak much German if any and over time they forget where their families came from. Probably lots of German decendents in the Bay Area that don’t know it.

    • Hey Steve, I found one of your comments from AZ’s hummingbird’s post in my spam cue. I got it out of there and approved it. I have no idea why it was in there. I probably would not have seen it either except I want to show Hubby something funny in there. Sorry about that.

      You must be right about the German descendents. I guess they’re here but don’t know they’re lineage any more. My cousin is half German though and she remembers. I remember. I remember part of her family visiting the farm. That’s the part I don’t get. And all my friends who are Native American, Hispanic, or even from Canada are quick to tell you who they descended from. I would think I would run into some remembering Germans. I’ll keep looking.

  2. I guess that is where most of my comments should probably end up. Thanks for finding it.

  3. Significant other is part German, and you’re right when I question him about his background I get zip, zilch, nada. I ask him when the first relative came over and he’s got no stories about that either. I ask him if he remembers his grandmother making traditional German food, and he doesn’t remember ever eating German food. Maybe Germans blend so well with the Irish, Welsh, English, Finns, Scotts, and whatever else lives back east, that they forgot their heritage. I think there’s a lot of Germans in Mexico and South America, I know this because sometime I see pictures of tall, blond, blue eyed Mexicans named Friedrich Hernandez.

    It’s hot here too, 103 yesterday!

    I’m off on an adventure, you won’t be hearing from me for a week. Mesquite NV here I come! Going to see an Aunt I haven’t seen in 45 years, should be interesting.

    • Hey AZ. Have a great time. I never heard of Mesquite NV but hopefully it will be cooler than Arizona has been.

      That is so strange about these Germans. Maybe they just blend in and go on. I know they make some delicious beer. If I was German, I would at least lay claim to that.

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