Typical California

Today, It’s rainy, cold, and foggy. This place doesn’t even look like California. It’s more like Maine. I looked out my window as a tumble weed of fog rolled by, bouncing off my neighbor’s car as she left for work.

Tomorrow, we take the Big Dog to the oncologist to hear what she has to say about treating the dog’s cancer. We’re not looking forward to this meet and greet. The Big Dog was supposed to get her stitches out from her tumor removal on Wednesday, but she worked on them while we were running errands Saturday. The Little Dog told on her when we came home, greeting us at the door silently with her pointed accusatory nose, aimed at the Big Dog, “Look at her. Such slobbering and chewing.”

And I meant to post about his last week, but I forgot. A Safeway truck tipped over on the new S curve of the Bay Bridge. Story here.
The driver admitted he was speeding at 55mph because he didn’t know the new speed limit was 40. The 40MPH speed limit is posted in huge white letters on the bridge that even I can see and there’s a flashing sign, “DANGER.” I don’t know what to say other than I knew the S curve was going to be a problem. It’s not a marvel of modern engineering. It’s not a 7th wonder of the world. If you could do negative wonders of the world, it would be one of those. Maybe -546 wonder of the world.

Here’s a video I took with my phone, coming off the bay bridge, going toward Oakland.

I’m traveling the opposite direction as the Safeway truck, but you can still see how the bus hikes its skirt coming around the S curve. There’s marks all over the place at that spot where people have bob sledded the concrete and the retainer wall. Could be a new Winter Olympics category – Bay Bridge S Curve Bob Sled. The headlines? “Safeway Truck fails to win gold.”


7 Responses to “Typical California”

  1. The new category for the Olympics sounds like a winner. I’d swear I could see your reflection in the window at times. Maybe my eyes are just getting weaker. Lots of stuff in the news about the 89 earthquake. I was in Germany watching the A’s and Giants doing the World series.

    • I’ve been watching all the Loma Prieta earthquake coverage. It was devastating. I keep watching the footage of the Bay Bridge and the rescues. I hope the retrofitting works. Could you see the quake on the TV during the game, or did cut the sportscast?

      You eyesight must be good. I can’t see myself in the window’s reflection on my video. I should be able to. Logically the reflection should be there.

      • The game was live here. It was at night and we could see the players stop and look around in confusion. It eventually got cut.

        I think I see a reflection when the bus goes past a beam, but It might be my imagination.

  2. That vidoe is great! I felt as though I was on the bus with you! ;o)
    It always amazes me over here… all of our bridges have the heights signposted on them… yet you still get wagons that get stuck! Every truck driver must know his height restriction? Surely?
    Your roads frighten me! I wouldn’t drive on those lanes! I felt a panic attack coming on just looking at them.
    Fingers crossed for the vets. Hope everything is ok. Oh and I love that little dog snitched on big dog! hehe
    My dad is dog sitting for my inlaws next week… a scruffy mongrel and a greyhound will share my dads attentions! I reckon he is going to have some fun!

    • Your Dad will be having some good times. Nothing better than a dog, unless it’s two dogs.

      I used to be okay with driving, but now having not driven in so long, I think I would be scared to drive around here too. Mostly I take the buses and they are so huge, I bet they would come out the winner in a wreck. The only thing that bothers me is we don’t have seat belts. If the bus ever hit something, all of us would go flying.

  3. Thinking good thoughts for the Big Dog!

    • Thanks Connie. So far so good. The ultrasound looks like nothing has spread. She looks good on the inside. They found 2 more possible mast cells which they are biopsying and her lymph node was inflamed. They took a biopsy of that and sent it off too. We will know more in 48 hours. Poor thing was a nervous wreck today.

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