This is what happens. The Big Guy leaves for work in the morning and the Big Dog takes his place in bed. The dog puts her head on his pillow and snores, just like him. The dog has the man’s act down to a science. When the Big Guy comes home from work, she abandons the show. If and when the Big Dog starts eating 6 hotdogs for dinner like the Big Guy, I’ll know the dog has gone over the line, taken the show too far.


8 Responses to “Mimic”

  1. A chip off the old block as they say. Man’s best friend. He sees the big guy and knows have to live the good life.

  2. How many legs has big dog got? I counted six. (I’ve had no beer but I think I may need new glasses) Six Hot Dogs? Wouldn’t that be like canabalism? *looks horrified*

  3. Big Dog is color coordinated with the bedding! Sweet picture and smart dog to find such a comfy place to sleep….

    • HA! I didn’t even realize she was color co-ordinated. It’s probably why I picked out that bedspread – to match the dogs.

  4. Don’t tell me the Big Guy eats six hot dogs at a pop.

    In college, I once ate three hot dogs at Top Dog, and the fry cook expressed deep concerns for my health.

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