The Big Dog’s Cancer

Nikki’s (aka The Big Dog) oncologist called last night. Everything looked good except her lymph node where they found cancer cells. She seems fine for now, albeit a little slower and with a little less hair from shaved spots from surgery and blood tests. We meet with Nikki’s oncologist on Monday and she has proposed going on a new anti-cancer drug called Palladia by Pfizer. Pfizer is providing it free until the first of the year. Thank you Pfizer.

6 Responses to “The Big Dog’s Cancer”

  1. Good for the Nikki. Hope the drug does the trick and yes, Thank you Pfizer.

  2. I hope it does the trick too. They have great results with the drug. So far, she’s her normal self. We did some extra rounds of wrestling last night. She really liked that.

  3. That is really good news! I’m so pleased I read this before I called it a day and headed to bed! So pleased the company are offering the free treatment! That’s a lovely gesture! I’m going away for a few days tomorrow so I’ll keep Big Dog with the six legs in my thoughts and check the progress when I get back!
    (We are going to see Pink! tomorrow night! You older folk won’t have heard of her… just us young 40 year olds! hehe)

  4. We are so happy for the good news. We’re happy for the Big Dog and for you and the hubby! Hope the med does the trick! Hats off to Pfizer!!!

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