This Happened

We saw it Saturday as we were going to Farmer Joe’s for some eats. Hard to imagine how the driver got up enough speed at that tight spot between two lights a block apart on Fruitvale to flip himself like a dolphin at Sea World.

That’s a beer keg to the left of the wreck. Hmmmm. Everyone goes “hmmmm” because of the secret meaning of beer kegs and wrecks. This keg was untapped. More hmmmm.

I told one of the butcher’s at the grocery store, “Look here, I’m not one to ogle at wrecks, but you have to see it.” The butcher went out for a look, and when I stopped by the meat counter for some chicken she asked me, “Do you know the story?” I shook my head. “Tomorrow’s their wedding day. The groom and his groomsmen were in one car, and the bride and her bridesmaids where in another car. They smashed into each other.” The butcher and I looked at each other with screwed up faces. She pulled my meat from under the counter and weighed it. “I told them no way should they get married,” the butcher said. I nodded my head. Though her assessment was hard, I concurred with it. I took my chicken breasts and went off in search of some Pop chips.


4 Responses to “This Happened”

  1. Talk about an Omen. I guess they can have a bed side wedding in the hospital. Anyone seriously hurt?

    • I knew I was forgetting something. Miraculously, no one was seriously hurt. The most extensive injuries were broken bones. Amazing. I was surprised one of the homies didn’t run off with the keg. There were a lot of police there at the scene though.

  2. Jeeps and SUVs flip over like popcorn, they have a high center of gravity and a narrow wheel-base, a little to much speed, a little to much weight in the passenger compartment, or quickly over correcting will send them on their sides. One of the downfalls of owning an off road vehicle is that they are not made for street racing or quick maneuvering. People buy jeeps for looks and forget they are meant for off road travel, slow and easy is how they maneuver best.

    • You’re BAAAAAAAACK! I missed you. How was auntie?

      I believe on this flip over deal. I’ve never seen anything flip like this. It was remarkable. Sometimes I’m glad I can’t drive any more. I don’t know the ins and outs of anything but the bus system.

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