Transportation Flinging and Squeezing

The Bay Bridge is closed for repairs. The best report is here with the best picture. Scary stuff, considering a steel chunk fell, taking its cable with it and whipping a few cars in the windshield. No one was seriously hurt. I was considering making some smarmy remark about the bridge’s earthquake retrofit, but I’ll just put another chocolate chip/pecan cookie in my pie hole and call it a day. I think flying steel chunks speak for themselves.

bart_businessThis picture was taken at commute time. The BART was overrun with people. The Pittsburg/Baypoint train pulled up to the platform, and people filed into the cars until they looked like sardines lined one against another in their tin can. And then for no particular reason, the train didn’t leave the station. It sat with its doors open. At the last second, this businessman danced into a car as gracefully as a prima ballerina. I was a bit jealous. How could he do that? A lady had approached the car immediately before him, thrown up her hands at its impenetrable sardine line, and blustered off skirt swirling. And me? I would have backed up and charged the car like a bull, slamming my body against the others already in the car. But the business man? He was all grace and charisma with his pressed shirt and perfect hair. He boarded. The doors closed, and he took his fellow sardines down the line with his smile.


6 Responses to “Transportation Flinging and Squeezing”

  1. I guess if something can go wrong it will. My brother lived on Treasure Island in the 70’s, when he was in the Navy. I visited a few times. Talk about getting on and off of the bridge during peak hours. Really scary. I expect to see a picture on your blog when Godzilla tears through the bridge.

    • Oh, I love Treasure Island. I wish I lived there but there’s nothing there now, not even a grocery store.

      I think Godzilla did a number on the bridge last night…or the wind.

  2. I just read an article about the Bay Bridge flying chunk o’ steel, I can’t imagine who scary that must have been for the cars that were hit. The last time something hit the windshield of our vehicle it was probably a flying pebble or a low flying bird, but it makes your heart skip a beat, having a cable with a steel chuck attached ought to be good for cardiac arrest. I have a friend who had a vehicle in front of him loose a bumper, the bumper bounced and hit his windshield, he said he almost crapped his pants when he saw it coming at him. Luckily the bumper broke the windshield, but did not hit come completely through the windshield. I think the worst thing that I ever ran over was a semi tire retread that had peeled off the tire, it sounded like I ran over a horse, luckily it didn’t damage my undercarriage.

    • Last night’s news had a film of one of the guy’s cars that got hit with the cable. It mess the whole front of his car up, not just the windshield like it was reported. He was standing off to the side, looking pretty calm, talking on a cell phone.

      I had the same thing happen to me with a tire blowing and hitting me in the grill work. Scared the bejesus outta me.

  3. I heard one guy on NPR. He was one of the workers when they did the initial kluge job to fix the busted steel I-beam. Some fat cable slammed into his windshield and he figured, “This is my last day on earth.” He escaped without injury.

    I have a bad feeling about the Bay Bridge, sorry to say.

    So the Navy is no longer on Treasure Island? It’s just a bunch of wasted real estate?

    • Not much of anyone is on Treasure Island. The Navy left. they have the 108 bus running there all the time from Transbay though. It’s like an invitation to me. I want to hop it so bad.

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