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Surprised Kitty

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I love Chinatown. Don’t ask me why. Could be the cooked duck swinging in the store window. Could be the dim sum. Could be the smell of baking fortune cookies. Could be the schlocken, and schlocken is a word I made that is the plural of schlock and in mass quantities. Chinatown is the breeding ground for schlock. Ground zero for schlock. Schlocken is rampant in Chinatown. There is no vaccine for that epidemic. And yes, I love to look at it. Again, don’t ask me why. I share with you my latest schlocky discoveries – china pigs on a pillow and fake rubber sushi on a keychain.

Shopping, or not

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I went in the Williams Sonoma store today. For someone who was raised on a farm and devoted to isolation, physical and spiritual, I can be absolutely traitorous to my upbringing when it comes to forcing my way through the crowds in these glittery good-gosh-almighty stores in San Francisco. And, I don’t even cook. But, there’s something about Williams Sonoma. Today, it was the pumpkin spice cake. I had one sample, threw away my tiny paper cup and had another. It was then, the sales clerk approached me and asked if he could help.

“No, I’m fine,” I said, thinking just don’t get between me and the free cake. I picked up a wire shopping basket, took a turn around the store, and hit the pumpkin spice cake a third time. About this time, I put some cheese sticks in my basket, took a fourth lap and staggered into a stack of pots. The pots swayed dangerous, but didn’t fall. Sweat popped out on my forehead as I imagined the horrendous noise, or should I say alarm, that didn’t materialize. I feigned interest in the spicy ketsup, the Italian hand made pasta, and the dinner plate with a rooster on it.

As I headed for another bit of cake, the sales clerk blocked my path with, “You know what really makes this good is the dollop of pumpkin butter on the top.”

“I hadn’t noticed. Let me try that,” I said cramming more of the same in my mouth, but now with pumpkin butter. I’m pretty sure I was up to a full sized piece of cake by now and had been marked as a moocher and not a purchaser, but I was losing control and beginning not to care. I took one more turn around the store, this time with the sales clerk close behind. He was going to stop the cake grabbing. And then, it happened. I cut a corner too close and he followed. I skimmed past the stacked pots, but the sales clerk, drafting off me, swayed into them. It was like a cartoon crash, where the pots kept falling, crashing, rolling across the floor, and then when you thought it was done, another fell, crashed and sent something else helter skelter into a stack next to the original accident. I placed myself carefully in front of the peppermint bark. And then while the sales clerk was busy chasing a pot lid, I grabbed two tiny cups of cake, stuffed them in my mouth, and got in the back of the line to buy the cheese sticks.

“Wow! What a lot of noise,” I said as the sales clerk rang up my purchase.

“Yes. It was,” he said as he gave me the stink eye.

Dani vs. Dani

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Police Dash Cam Action

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How Pumpkin Pie is Made

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Jail Diary

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Hubby’s brother is currently incarcerated for felony DUI. His letters are entertaining to say the least. I thought I’d share the first paragraph of his most recent letter.

Just had my 8 month anniversary here at the prison, yesterday on Veteran’s Day. Almost 9 months total time, so it is flying by. On Vets Day, Group and Horticulture were canceled, and for mid-November, it was beautiful outside, mid-50’s. But while most of the prison rotated time outside for an hour for yard, my cellblock was on lock-down. Yes, in the drug/alcohol treatment prison, the only institution in this state where you can earn good time for attending treatment, a couple of knucklehead felons ‘pop’ us all by getting caught making ‘hooch!’ A large bag of fermenting fruit was found in the shower room, so we were all punished till the culprits were found, then punished. They got sent to seg, and I assume, will be shipped out to another prison. The funny thing is all thru the group treatment session neither one admitted they had an alcohol problem, just a ‘lifestyle’ problem.