New Neurologist

Today I saw a new neurologist. Why? Because my f’in insurance kicked all my other neurologists out of my plan. The new guy asked some logical questions about my treatment plan that I couldn’t answer because I’m not sure if I even had a freaking treatment plan with the old doctors. The treatment plan should have had 2 goals:
1) Stop my seizures
2) Stop my migraines

In 6 years, nothing’s changed. I’ve had a headache for 3 weeks that peaked into the mother of all migraines last Thursday. The new guy gave me a prescription for Dilantin. He said my case was more complicated than he originally thought, and he needed to get my medical records from the old docs. He said if the pain persisted, he would refer me to a pain clinic. Yeah. I’ve heard it before. Not that I had much faith but I’m losing what little I had. It’s simply another song with a melody like the last song and when it’s all done, the music will stop, and I won’t have a seat. Well, at least that’s what I thought, speaking as Miss Pessimist 2009 USA. I took the Dilantin, and it killed the headache. Maybe the new guy’s onto something, or maybe he just got lucky, or maybe all that chocolate milk I’ve been drinking had a positive effect.


8 Responses to “New Neurologist”

  1. Sounds like your got a winner this time. Keep us posted. I see the bridge is back open.

    • The bridge is back but a lot of the locals are scared to get on it. Last night on the news they interviewed the guy driving the Ryder truck that got struck by the falling part of the bridge. He said he couldn’t sleep. I can see where you might think you were marked if a bridge part hit you mid-stream.

  2. Lucky or brilliant…. I’m glad the headaches have eased. He seems interested though… that’s got to be something. 😮

    • All I can say is the headaches have stopped. One step at a time. The headaches were buckling me down and kicking my ass (or brain).

  3. Miss Pessimist 2009 USA? Shouldn’t that be Mrs.? Just yankin’ your chain woman! Good to hear that you finally got a witch doctor that did some good. Speakin’ of doctors, my sister went to her doctor and had an MRI done, why you ask? Because when she went to her allergist she had to sign in and she noticed that when she printed her name her handwriting had changed. Then when she got home she had to fill out some papers and sign them and she noticed her signature didn’t look right. She called me and said: “Wada ya think changed my handwriting?” All I could come up with was mini-stoke, so I said call your doctor NOW! After the MRI no sign of stroke, ya got any guesses why her handwriting would suddenly change? I Googled, but I couldn’t find anything.

    • I’m like you. I suspect neurological issues but I suspect neurological issues for everything now. Did she get the MRI done with and without contrast. Contrast is the key. I have no idea why someone would do it without, but they do every once in a while. Then if they did the MRI with contrast and it still showed nothing, I’d ask for a copy of it so you can look at it yourself. Call me Mrs. Paranoid.

      • I don’t know, I’ll have to ask her next time I talk to her. I didn’t realize there were different kinds of MRIs. Last time we chatted she said her handwriting was almost back to normal so maybe she just pinched a nerve in her arm or something. I once bent over to get something out of the oven and pinched by sciatic nerve, at first I couldn’t walk at all, I had to crawl to a kitchen chair and pull myself up, then after I could walk, I walked like a gorilla.

      • OMG! I’m laughing, only at your description but that is horrifying.

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