What’s Happening

Oh well. The dog. Yeah. I wish things were better. The Big Dog has the unending case of diarrhea caused by the chemo. We have pulled the plug on the chemo, and all of the oncological efforts for that matter. The only thing to be said is at least the Big Dog will die from cancer and not the cancer treatments. She’s in a pretty good mood right now because she’s eating boiled chicken, pumpkin, and rice, heated to a warm temperature. I think this counts as cooking. I won’t (can’t?) cook for humans, but no problem if a canine is concerned. Hopefully, tomorrow her diarrhea will abate. I have said that now for the last few days. Last night, we took her to the acupuncturist. Fortunately for me, I can recognize the tiniest sign the Big Dog offers that she going to unload and whisked her outside before she left a messy pile on the carpeted exam room. She hit the sidewalk outside. I had visions of a small child or an elderly person take a ski through the poo before I could get it cleaned up. I asked our vet, who is next door to the acupuncturist, for help, and they sent a tall vet tech with many plastic bags and rolls of paper towels. I apologized but he seemed unphased. He said he did stuff like that all day long.

The weather has turned off a bit nippy here, and by nippy I mean in the 60’s. I’ve taking to swimming at the community pool with a friend of mine. I say “swimming” but what I mean is water jogging. We have water jogging belts we strap on, and then essentially run in the water up and down in the slow lane for about an hour. We cover an amazing amount of ground for as slow as we are. We usually talk and laugh, some times so much so I have to hold onto the pool and the lifeguard gives me the eye, as if he is wondering if he needs to jump in and save me from laughing to death. I do have a big floaty on my back so I’d have to say even if he thinks about jumping in, it’s unnecessary. Even if I were unconscious, I’d still be bobbing about with my head out of the water.

And for the record, because I like to write things for the record, all of you old guys wearing Speedos, that is unnecessary too. Granted, the time we are swimming is the senior/disabled swim and pretty much anything goes, but that doesn’t. I don’t want to see your old ass with overgrown gut pinched into a Speedo. Stop. Please. And for additional records, if you are at the senior swim and you are wearing a Speedo, do not bend over with your buttocks toward the pool. Don’t. It’s TMI – too much information. I may be half blind without my glasses but what little I can see from your show is damaging my retinas.


4 Responses to “What’s Happening”

  1. Wishing the best for the big dog. The Speedos thing cracked me up. Almost as funny as a three hundred pound lady in a bikini.

  2. Yeah. Unfortunately, there are some whales at the swimming hole. Spandex is not their friend.

  3. Whale here, not one article of Spandex do I own. Why no Spandex, because one day at the grocery store I came around a corner and there before me stood a 300 lb woman wearing canary yellow Spandex pants, there was so much cellulite, bumps, dimples, and ripples — it was horrendous to witness. Not only that, but she didn’t realize I was standing behind her so she let a fart that make all the cellulite, bumps, dimples, and ripples vibrate. IT WAS SOOOO U-G-L-Y!!!!

    I think I’m glad that you decided not to make Big Dog go through the chemotherapy, some things are worse than the disease it’s meant to cure. For people who’s life expectancy is 85 years it may be worth the extra years, but no so much when your life expectancy is 15-17 years.

    • You are NOT a whale. BUt still I agree Spandex is out. I had some pants I used to jog in in my home, but danged if I’d ever wear them in public.

      The chemo made the Big Dog too sick. We tried it and we’re still trying to get her poop back to normal. We’re taking one day at a time over here.

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