Jail Diary

Hubby’s brother is currently incarcerated for felony DUI. His letters are entertaining to say the least. I thought I’d share the first paragraph of his most recent letter.

Just had my 8 month anniversary here at the prison, yesterday on Veteran’s Day. Almost 9 months total time, so it is flying by. On Vets Day, Group and Horticulture were canceled, and for mid-November, it was beautiful outside, mid-50’s. But while most of the prison rotated time outside for an hour for yard, my cellblock was on lock-down. Yes, in the drug/alcohol treatment prison, the only institution in this state where you can earn good time for attending treatment, a couple of knucklehead felons ‘pop’ us all by getting caught making ‘hooch!’ A large bag of fermenting fruit was found in the shower room, so we were all punished till the culprits were found, then punished. They got sent to seg, and I assume, will be shipped out to another prison. The funny thing is all thru the group treatment session neither one admitted they had an alcohol problem, just a ‘lifestyle’ problem.

6 Responses to “Jail Diary”

  1. Felony DUI, sounds serious. How long is he in for, if I can ask.

  2. He got charged with that and driving without a license. You can see all the charges on the internet. It’s weird. I’m not sure of his original sentence. The parole date keeps changing for good behavior, attendance in AA, and Horticulture Club. By the time he gets out it will be over a year. He’s lost over 100 pounds and now he’s sober. The good points. The bad is that prison is hell and the other inmates keep messing with him because he is in the minority, has an education, and is older. We’re just hoping he gets out before there’s any permanent damage.

  3. It has to be hell there. Hope everything works out good for him.

  4. Having just watched the “Gangs of Oakland” recently on the Discovery Channel, I can’t imagine what an educated person would do in a prison full of… well, how do I put this delicately, the unwashed, uneducated masses. All the prisoners interviewed on TV used “you know” at least 30 times in every sentence, it drove me nuts. Actually, I have a policy if I’m watching someone being interviewed on TV and they use “you know” three times, I change the channel.

    • I love your policy. If I hear anyone say, “like” three times I change the channel or if they are in person I move or walk away. The bus is full of “likers.”

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