I love Chinatown. Don’t ask me why. Could be the cooked duck swinging in the store window. Could be the dim sum. Could be the smell of baking fortune cookies. Could be the schlocken, and schlocken is a word I made that is the plural of schlock and in mass quantities. Chinatown is the breeding ground for schlock. Ground zero for schlock. Schlocken is rampant in Chinatown. There is no vaccine for that epidemic. And yes, I love to look at it. Again, don’t ask me why. I share with you my latest schlocky discoveries – china pigs on a pillow and fake rubber sushi on a keychain.


6 Responses to “Chinatown”

  1. I like Slocken. Most appropriate. Rubber Sushi on a key chain. That’s a new one. I bet everything was made in China and brought in. I don’t like duck, but those red looking ducks hanging in the windows do look tasty. Have you had one?

    • I don’t eat the whole duck, but I do stop in places, buy parts and eat them. Sometimes I don’t even sit down. I eat it from a take out container while I walk through Chinatown. I’m a Southerner. We’ll eat just about anything.

  2. You know how the Bowerbird collects anything shiny, well, I think we all have a little Bowerbird inside us that’s what makes slocken so intriguing. OH LOOK! Something shiny…

    • LOL! I think so. The store I really like is fully of shinys – worthless ones, but very cheap. AND they have a whole case of expensive tiaras. That one I can never figure out.

      • You wouldn’t think there’d be a big market for tiaras, I mean when was the last time you saw someone wearing one that wasn’t on TV, and the fact that I’m 60 and I’ve never had the need for one could be an indication that the average American will probably go their entire life without owning one. Now I have to ask, have you ever worn a tiara?

      • Well, umm, yes. You can get some pretty cheap tiaras in Chinatown and we used to wear them at work sometimes. And this is weird. In the South, they like to get married in them, so I’ve bought 2 of them and sent them home strictly for weddings. We wore them as a joke at work but I think the brides were serious. Of course, I thought they looked like a joke but then I think that of most wedding wear.

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