Surprised Kitty


4 Responses to “Surprised Kitty”

  1. Brilliant! I love it! I keep watching it! :o) I’ve been watching the Dog Whisperer this weekend and I reckon I can understand what that cat is doing. What? Cats, dogs they’re all the same! ;o)
    (Oh and is it wrong to have a bit of a crush of Ceaser?)

    • It’s great fun to watch. I like seeing the Dog Whisperer’s place and all the dogs he plays with at the same time. Truly amazing. I can hardly play with 2 at the same time. They’re much smarter than me.

  2. A cat fan would love it. Kittens are okay, but older cats are not my thing. I was kind of hoping the kitten would have gotten a good bite on one of the fingers.

    • The kitten tried really hard to bite her, and when he grows up and sees how this person has embarrassed him on the internet, he’s going to take a chunk out of her leg one night when she’s asleep.

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