This, That, but not That. Maybe This.

I was going to write something about the weather here, which is chilly but sunny. How boring is that? The weather is chilly but sunny. Duh. It’s winter in California. Then, I was going to write something about how this dude was trying to break in cars on the street last Sunday. I stopped with that too because I write about that every other blog entry. It’s Oakland. Then I thought I’d write about the heated community pool. But what’s there to write? The steam was coming of the pool today. We stayed almost until closing. The same nut case was there making random comments to the wind. I assume. She couldn’t have been talking to me, could she have? There. That’s done. I went to the Taqueria for dinner? There was an excess of dog poo in the yard? How about this? My treadmill is blowing fuses in the house. Matt, the electrician, came over, swapped out a plug and insisted on no charging me. He’s a nice guy. He said he’s got a little place in Mexico now. He called it his 401K. He said it’s more like a camp but it has a toilet and running water. To quote him, “The women like it. I can see the ocean from the place.” I don’t know what women he’s referring to. If he’s told me I can’t remember. He has a new truck, a Chevy 1500 Silverado. I complimented the silver beast, and he said he gave his old truck to the guy running the little bar by his Mexican home. The bar owner was so touched he was considering starting up a whole construction company with that one truck.


8 Responses to “This, That, but not That. Maybe This.”

  1. A potpourri, but still an interesting read. Does Matt speak Spanish?

    • I should have asked him that, but I didn’t think. There’s a whole lot of people buying little retirement homes now in Mexico. I guess the illegal immigration is going to start flowing the other way with all these baby boomers.

      • It would be pretty funny to have the Mexican President complaining about the Norte Americanos (SIC I’m sure) comming across the border. I think I would have to know more than how to order a beer, which I can do, to live there.

      • I’ve always had a fear of Mexico and New Orleans, as in death premonition. Whereas I refused to go to New Orleans, I used to walk across the border when I lived in Phoenix, the last time was in Nogales. That time finally cured me.

  2. Seriously, your tidbits beat the crap out of anything going on in my life. By the way sorry for my lack of comments, I don’t know why by November and December has been hectic as hell this year.

    • I figured either you were as busy as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest or you had finally wearied of my dribble. You are missed when you are not here, but you gotta life and got things to do, places to go, people to see. I’m squatted in Oat Town waiting for the next shooting, which was last night.

  3. Haven’t ridden the bus in a while. Missed hearing what was going on. What’s the backstory on crazy swimming lady (nut case)? Does she wear one of those tight caps that makes her head look like a bowling ball?

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