Nighty Night Tiny Might


7 Responses to “Nighty Night Tiny Might”

  1. That’s so cute, Dinky has her own blankie! It’s cold here so I’m guessin’ it colder than heck where you are, it’s a good thing Dinky has her own blankie to keep her warm, but where’s her matching pillow?

    • HA! I should get the little spoiled thing a matching pillow. And yes, it is FREEZING here. We had to drip water in the bathroom last night. I think all our lemons on our little tree are burned.

  2. I wonder if she’s dreaming about bones or chasing cats.

    • She was deep asleep dreaming about something. Her eyelids were twitching. I didn’t wake her with all the flashes and fumbling around I did. Little girl is getting old. She’ll be 16 this year.

  3. Poor Little Stinky! I demand you get that po’ lil’ dawg a pillow right now or I will report you to the Teeny Tiny Dog Police.

    Nice pic of the Mormon Castle, too, better than in person, really.

    Someone I know doesn’t like to get in the pool when it’s raining, so her pool pal has to go By Herself…. wah! wah! Call the wahmbulance.

  4. I don’t like to swim in the rain. I think it goes back to my childhood when the lake swimmers were always getting electrocuted because they wouldn’t get out of the water during a thunderstorm. OF course, the rains in CA are no thunderstorm but still…what if a stray bolt went for me, like it’s always trying to.

  5. You’re only saying that because you…

    “…don’t Like the warm pool.”

    Your side-by-side, walking on water pal.

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